100+ Unique Chinese Girl Names And Their Meanings

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100+ Unique Chinese Girl Names And Their Meanings

Choosing a Chinese girl name is exciting.

Chinese parents pick names that reflect their hopes and dreams for their daughters. These names are meaningful and symbolic, often representing different positive qualities and character traits, including grace, elegance, courage, wisdom, and strength.

At other times, these names can have meanings that capture the beauty of natural elements, including flowers and precious stones.

If you’re learning Chinese, you may have decided to go with a Chinese name yourself.

Whether you’re looking for a name that attracts good fortune and abundance or one that depicts beauty and strength in character, I’ve got you covered.

Below I’ve gone over a long list of over 100 beautiful Chinese girl names, each with its own unique meaning and significance.

The structure of Chinese names

Most Chinese names follow a unique naming convention, where the family name or surname is placed before the given name. This is quite different from Western culture, where given names usually come before surnames.

In Chinese culture, the surname is typically one Chinese character or one syllable. Meanwhile, the given names can contain one or two Chinese characters or syllables.

There are some other considerations you can keep in mind when choosing a Chinese girl name, which we will explore further in the article.

Meaningful and popular Chinese girl names

The following lists include Chinese girl names in different categories.

The pinyin, characters, and meaning of each name are also included.

This list definitely isn’t exhaustive. Also, keep in mind that certain Chinese characters can be paired with a range of different characters to create a two-syllable Chinese name.

The tables below include some examples of these pairings.

Desirable virtues and ethics

The following are some popular and beautiful Chinese girl names related to positive virtues and traits.

These single characters are often combined with another character to create a more complex name.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaningExample Pairings
ÀiLove and affection爱琳 (Ài lín)
MǐnIntelligent, quick, and agile嘉敏 (Jiā Mǐn), 诗敏 (Shī Mǐn)
QīngPurity and integrity清怡 (Qīng Yí), 韵清 (Yùn Qīng)
WǎnFull of grace婉晴 (Wǎn Qíng), 婉莹 (Wǎn Yíng), 婉婷 (Wǎn Tíng)
XiùElegance秀雯 (Xiù Wén), 秀慧 (Xiù Huì)
Graceful and elegant.雅雯 (Yǎ Wén), 雅婷 (Yǎ Tíng)

The following table contains two-syllable names that are popular and meaningful.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
宏恩Hóng ēnThis name refers to success, great merits, favor, and charm.
佳慧Jiā HuìThis name refers to a person who is passionate, talented, intelligent, and likely to attain success.
家瑜Jiā YúThe name suggests that the person is talented, resourceful, and passionate.
静雯Jìng WénWhen used as a name, the first character symbolizes calmness and tranquility, while the second character represents brains and beauty.
静笑Jìng XiàoThis talks about someone who has a very cheerful and joyful nature. It also represents peace and tranquility.
静怡Jìng YíThis is another popular girl name that talks about calmness, happiness, and harmony.
康晴Kāng QíngIn general, this name refers to being healthy and happy and leading a peaceful life.
可欣Kě XīnThis symbolizes curiosity, enthusiasm, and being successful in one’s career. It also demonstrates happiness and joy.
乐玥Lè YuèThe elements found in this name include joy, happiness, elegance, and nobility.
沁茹Qìn RúThe meaning behind this name talks about being energetic, fresh, and good at building relationships with other people.
诗涵Shī HánThis name revolves around consistency and being strong-willed. It could also imply that the person has high ambitions.
思妤Sī YúThis name often refers to courage and physical strength, as well as intelligence and natural beauty.
万洁Wàn JiéThis name talks about being noble, full of integrity, and selfless. It can also refer to having a sunny, expressive, and outgoing attitude.
欣妍Xīn YánThis is a relatively popular name that describes happiness, joy, beauty, and prosperity.
欣怡Xīn YíIt’s not hard to see why this is one of the most popular Chinese girl names. It contains elements of joy, happiness, peace, and harmony and implies that this woman will thrive and be successful in her life.
欣妤Xīn YúThe first character refers to joy and happiness, while the second implies intelligence and beauty.
秀林Xiù LínThe first character in a name symbolizes beauty and good character. Meanwhile, the second character talks about prosperity.
一诺Yī NuòInspired by the Chinese idiom, 一诺千金 (yí nuò qiān jīn), this name talks about perseverance, loyalty, and commitment.
怡雯Yí WénApart from implying that the person is intelligent, beautiful, and brilliant, this name also expresses the parent’s wishes for the child to experience harmony, happiness, and joy.
怡萱Yí XuānThe direct translation of these characters talks about peace, gentleness, happiness, and having a relaxed mind. This name suggests that the person is virtuous, kind, and pure and is living a fulfilled and contented life.
颖姿Yǐng ZīThe first character translates directly to posture, but when used in a name, it can refer to a person’s face or appearance. The second character talks about being talented and intelligent.
咏翔Yǒng XiángThis name carries elements of luck, good fortune, and auspiciousness. It implies that you will be successful in your career.
芷柔Zhǐ RóuLoyalty, nobility, and gentleness are some of the main elements in this name.
紫萱Zǐ XuānThis name carries elements of happiness, virtuousness, and auspiciousness.

Beauty and attractiveness

There are certain characters that can be included in a girl’s given name in order to express beauty, elegance, and attractiveness.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaningExample Pairings
Beautiful and pretty丽莹 (Lì Yíng), 丽欣 (Lì Xīn), 丽娜 (Lì nà)
MěiBeauty and attractiveness美慧 (Měi Huì), 美诗 (Měi Shī), 美好 (Měi Hǎo)
XiùElegance and beauty秀雯 (Xiù Wén), 秀慧 (Xiù Huì)
TíngGraceful, dainty, and naturally beautiful凯婷 (Kǎi Tíng), 雅婷 (Yǎ Tíng), 婉婷 (Wǎn Tíng)
Beautiful and gorgeous绮婷 (Qǐ Tíng), 绮雯 (Qǐ Wén)
YánBeautiful颖妍 (Yǐng Yán), 芷妍 (Zhǐ Yán)

Here are some other unique and desirable two-character Chinese girl names with an emphasis on elegance and beauty.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
婵娟Chán JuānThis name is used to imply beauty, gracefulness, and empathy.
婵歆Chán XīnThis very feminine name describes a girl who is elegant and charming.
佳倩Jiā QiànApart from kindness and capability, this name also represents outstanding beauty.
佳欣Jiā XīnThis name refers to a beautiful woman who is resourceful, kind, and happy.
美华Měi HuáApart from beauty and attractiveness, this name also talks about prosperity and brilliance.
柔安Róu ānThis talks about being attractive, gentle, and cheerful.
颖珊Yǐng ShānThis name refers to a girl who is very talented, outstanding, and beautiful.
志玲Zhì LíngApart from symbolizing high ambitions, this name also talks about beauty, gentleness, and elegance.
芷珊Zhǐ ShānThis name represents beauty, nobility, and talent. It describes a girl who is confident and attractive.

Brilliance and intelligence

Certain Chinese girl names place an emphasis on having wisdom, intelligence, and other related virtues, such as being strategic, talented, and educated.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
慧敏Huì MǐnSome elements in this name include intelligence, quickness, and flexibility. This name talks about a girl who loves learning.
嘉慧Jiā HuìHappiness, joy, wisdom, and intelligence are some of the main components of this name.
佳颖Jiā YǐngWhile the first character of this name talks about beauty, the second character implies that the person is independent, strong, and intelligent.
瑞雅Ruì YǎThis is a rare name that symbolizes good luck and elegance, as well as being studious and successful.
诗晴Shī QíngThis name talks about being intelligent, observant, talented, and good at learning.
诗雅Shī YǎThese characters literally translate to “poetic and elegant.” The name describes someone who is influential, bold, highly respected, and strategic.
文慧Wén HuìThis name talks about gentleness and elegance, as well as intelligence, wisdom, and open-mindedness.
晓林Xiǎo LínCollectively, this name describes a girl who is clear-minded, confident, energetic, and knowledgeable.
欣慧Xīn Huì欣 talks about being happy and prosperous, while 慧 refers to wisdom and intelligence.
雅文Yǎ WénThe character 文 in a name can be used to refer to different values and virtues, including being refined, polite, cultured, and having literary talent. Meanwhile, 雅 refers to integrity and elegance.
智涵Zhì HánThis name refers to being resourceful and knowledgeable, as well as bravery and loyalty.
智欣Zhì XīnWhen used in a name, 欣 means joy and thriving. Collectively, this name describes someone who is noble, successful, optimistic, and prosperous.
智盈Zhì YíngThe first character of the name refers to wisdom, intellect, and insight. The second character talks about growth and abundance.


The following names contain elements of nature.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
蓓叶Bèi YèThe characters can also be switched to form the name 蓓叶 (Yè Bèi). 叶 refers to the leaves of plants and symbolizes harmony. 蓓 translates to buds of flowers that are yet to bloom and represents hope and beauty.
春梅Chūn Méi春 talks about spring, which stands for vitality and growth. 梅 translates to “plum” and is used to describe someone who is particularly strong and perseverant.
春燕Chūn Yàn春 translates to “spring,” a season where all things flourish and grow. Meanwhile, 燕 means “sparrow” but is used to symbolize dexterity, sharpness, and intelligence.
冬梅Dōng Méi冬 means “winter,” and 梅 translates to “plum.” Collectively, these characters talk about perseverance and determination.
海澄Hǎi Chéng海 refers to the “ocean” and indicates knowledge, vastness, and great energy.
海晴Hǎi Qíng海 means “ocean,” and 晴 means “fine or clear weather.” This name talks about clarity in thinking, being knowledgeable, and having great energy.
凯蕾Kǎi Lěi凯 translates to victorious and triumphant. Meanwhile, 蕾 means “flower buds” and represents hope and a great future ahead.
乐蓉Lè Róng乐 means “joy” and “happiness.” 蓉 is a hibiscus flower and represents beauty and purity.
曼露Màn Lù露 translates to “morning dew.” This name refers to gracefulness and purity.
美燕Měi Yàn美 means “pretty” or “beautiful.” 燕 translates to “sparrow” and symbolizes intelligence.
秋香Qiū Xiāng秋 translates to “autumn” and 香 means “fragrance.” This name signifies hard work and success.
若英Ruò Yīng英 refers to flower buds that have yet to bloom. This name describes beauty and extraordinary talent or intelligence.
宛蓉Wǎn Róng宛 talks about gentleness, while 蓉 refers to the hibiscus flower. It means purity and beauty.
熙蕾Xī Lěi熙 symbolizes light and brightness, while 蕾 refers to buds of flowers that have yet to bloom. This speaks about hope, imminent success, and a bright future.
晓莲Xiǎo Lián晓 means “dawn,” and 莲 means “lotus.” Altogether, these characters represent clarity, logical thinking, and perseverance.
馨月Xīn Yuè馨 means “fragrance.” 月 directly translates to “moon” but stands for purity, beauty, and love.
星怡Xīng Yí星 translates to “star” and describes someone who is outstanding and inspiring. 怡 symbolizes comfort and happiness.
雪晴Xuě Qíng雪 means “snow” and talks about purity and integrity. 晴 represents clarity.
雪怡Xuě YíThe first character symbolizes purity. The second character describes peace, comfort, and happiness.
雪盈Xuě Yíng盈 refers to fullness, abundance, and growth. When combined, these characters describe a person who possesses wisdom, honor, and perseverance.
英淇Yīng QíThis name refers to extraordinary intelligence and talent, as well as excellence and brilliance.
颖萱Yǐng XuānThe first character is used to talk about someone who is witty, intelligent, and gifted. The second character represents beauty and happiness.
语桐Yǔ Tóng桐 refers to the tung oil tree. This name invokes elements of nobility, compassion, perseverance, and diligence.
雨桐Yǔ Tóng雨 refers to rain, while 桐 is the tung oil tree. This name talks about having perseverance, strong intuition, and a rich imagination.
语汐Yǔ Xī汐 translates to night tide. This name symbolizes adaptability, perseverance, and success.
雨昕Yǔ Xīn雨 translates to “rain.” 昕 means the sun is going to rise, and it symbolizes new hope and vitality.
芷萱Zhǐ Xuān芷 is the name of a type of herb, and 萱 is a type of grass. Altogether, they imply nobility, elegance, beauty, and happiness.
梓涵Zǐ HánThe first character is a type of tree. The second character translates to “to soak or wet.” Collectively, this name talks about bravery and loyalty.

Precious stones

The following table contains names that symbolize treasure, gold, or precious stones.

Chinese CharactersPinyinMeaning
宝仪Bǎo Yí宝 can be used to talk about “precious things,” while 仪 refers to a person’s appearance and mannerisms.
代玉Dài Yù玉 is used to refer to “jade” and symbolizes great value, elegance, and beauty.
菲璐Fēi LùThe first character describes the fragrance of flowers, while the second character means “beautiful jade.”
嘉宝Jiā Bǎo嘉 means kindness and joy, while 宝 refers to precious items.
金碧Jīn BìThe first character refers to “gold,” while the second character means “jade” or “green.” Overall, this name describes someone who is smart, noble, and prosperous.
金茹Jīn Rú金 translates to “gold,” and when used in a name, it refers to nobility and prosperity.
琳瑾Lín JǐnThis name refers to jade and precious items. It captures different positive values, like purity, beauty, and nobility.
灵璐Líng Lù璐 translates directly to “beautiful jade.” This name talks about beauty, innocence, and intelligence.
璐琦Lù QíBoth characters can be directly translated to “beautiful jade.” Altogether, the name speaks about beauty, perfection, and auspiciousness.
梦瑶Mèng YáoThis name is used to refer to a visionary. It also symbolizes beauty and purity.
明珠Míng Zhū明 signifies “light,” while 珠 can be translated literally to “pearls.” This name talks about a girl who is wise, beautiful, and precious.
晴瑾Qíng Jǐn晴 talks about a sunny, cloudless sky, while 瑾 means “jade.” These characters imply beauty, purity, virtue, and nobility.
善珠Shàn Zhū善 describes a person who is kind and wise. 珠 means “pearls” and refers to being precious, valuable, and attractive.
玉婷Yù Tíng玉 translates to “jade,” while 婷 symbolizes beauty and grace. When used in a name, these characters imply beauty, nobility, and elegance.
玉莹Yù YíngThe first character translates to “jade,” signifying elegance and beauty. The second character describes the brilliance and beauty of pearls. When combined, they talk about how precious, beautiful, and intelligent the person is.

Considerations when choosing Chinese girl names

Let’s say you’ve narrowed down your choices and aren’t exactly sure which name to go with.

There are some considerations to keep in mind to choose the best Chinese girl name for your bundle of joy.

They are as follows:

  • Surname: It’s important to consider whether the name would go well with the surname. The surname typically comes before the given name in Mandarin. Sometimes, combining the surname with the rest of the characters can sound like a different set of words, which might change the meaning of the name when you say it.
  • Generation: Some families have a generational naming convention. This is where one of the characters of the given names is the same for siblings and cousins of that generation. Sometimes, the girls will have their own character, and the boys will have another one of their own.
  • Inspiration: It’s common to draw inspiration from different things, such as nature, positive virtues, or precious stones. But do be careful of certain naming taboos, like copying the name of an older relative or a celebrity.

Many parents choose Chinese girl names based on the symbolism and meaning behind them.

I hope this list gave you some inspiration on desirable names you can give to your newborn.

Did I miss any other popular and beautiful girl names?

**If so, let me know in the comments below. **

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