Clozemaster Review: Enjoyable But Simple Vocab Builder

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A fun, unique tool to learn lots of vocabulary with a retro game design.
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Pricing: $6.96 per month ($52.17 per year) or $121.72 for a lifetime subscription
  • Addictive game style platform that motivates you to learn
  • Loads of vocab to learn
  • 50 different languages to choose from
  • Free option to get started
  • Content prone to errors
  • Not ideal for absolute beginners of a language


A unique, retro game-styled platform that's focused on vocabulary building, but might not necessarily suit students who are absolute beginners.

Clozemaster is a retro game-style language learning platform that aims to teach languages quickly and efficiently.

The platform uses artificial intelligence as the foundation of its content and games, and focuses on vocabulary building and enhancing the listening skills of its students.

This is what I thought of the Clozemaster app.

Leaderboard feature

You’ll compete with other Clozemaster users when you start learning.

The leaderboard feature is where you will find the other language competitors, which will motivate you to continue learning.

This is Clozemaster’s approach to help you monitor how you’re progressing.

Building vocabulary with a pro user account

Building vocabulary is one of the best things about the Clozemaster app.

You will be able to revisit previously studied words and phrases when you register with the pro user option.

Clozemaster uses a repetition system to help you learn new words.

With the use of artificial intelligence, the platform will ensure you revisit words at the optimum time to make sure you don’t forget them.

Listening practice

You have the option to practice listening skills with the Clozemaster app.

I tried the Spanish listening practice as an advanced student and found it challenging enough for my level.

But what I also found was that the platform felt a little repetitive in terms of the particular activity — most of which were ‘complete the blanks’ (hence the name ‘cloze’master).

Reading with Clozemaster

There’s also the chance to practice your reading skills. This section of Clozemaster works by giving you articles to take a look at or create your text to study.

The reading practice also works as a complete the blanks activity, which I got slightly bored with.

Now, this doesn’t mean the reading section won’t teach you your target language — just that you might want to import your texts to keep things interesting.

In this section, there are plenty of difficulty levels you can unlock by registering as a pro user.

Clozemaster: in summary

The Clozemaster app is slightly limited in terms of its variety.

You might begin to feel as though you’re answering questions of the same level for the listening practice.

But this isn’t the case with the reading activities, which are cleared with the difficulty level.

Overall, it’s a fun platform to use for learning vocabulary.

Not sure I could justify paying for it personally, but some people might see it differently.

Have you used Clozemaster before?

Share your thoughts below.

Pricing: $6.96 per month ($52.17 per year) or $121.72 for a lifetime subscription
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