13 Best English To Spanish Translation Apps And Extensions

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13 Best English To Spanish Translation Apps And Extensions

If there’s a word in English that you’re dying to know the Spanish translation of, you’ll probably need an English to Spanish translation app to help you.

But which one is the best, I hear you ask?

You have loads of English to Spanish translation apps available, but if you’re not sure where to begin, or which to choose, you’ve landed on the right page. Machine translation isn’t perfect, but it’s come a long way.

Although various Spanish courses have an integrated translator built-in, as well as many other apps to help you learn Spanish, I haven’t mentioned these types here.

But what you will find below is a comprehensive list of English to Spanish translation apps.

Google Translate

Google Translate is a global favourite that has been installed more than a billion times on smartphones and electronic devices around the globe.

And, yes, as this app is a global favourite, you would expect it to have the range of handy features it does, including a voice translator and a camera feature that makes translating phrases a breeze… but, how accurate are those translations?

I have to say that there are various inaccuracies in the translation quality provided by this app.

So, despite the simplicity with which you can receive instant Spanish translations, advanced Spanish learners will notice the many inaccuracies of this app.


The WordReference app is not only accurate, but it also has a few convenient features that make translation and retrieving recent translations easy.

The ‘Favourite Terms’ feature lets you bookmark words that you need for future reference, and once you receive the results of the translations, you will be provided with various example sentences of the phrase being used.

Featuring a conjugator, this app is incredibly handy.

Although it lacks an audio translation or pronunciation guide, I found that the accuracy of the translation was good for upper-intermediate/advanced level Spanish students.


It’s becoming increasingly popular as it offers translations in over 100 languages.

The iTranslate Eng to Spanish translation app not only offers text translation but also goes beyond this, providing users with voice translation as well.

Then, there’s the instant camera translation option — a pro feature that lets you translate words by taking a photo of the text you wish to translate. It’s a great perk that makes translation simple and instant. So if you’re travelling to Spain, this is the ideal moment to use the iTranslate image to text translation feature.

Word Lens

This clever app is for Spanish learners on the go. Word Lens Translator ideal for those who might be travelling to a Spanish-speaking country and need to understand street signs or posters.

All that’s required is for you to position your phone’s camera at the poster or street sign and hold it in place for a couple of seconds, and then… your translation will appear!

It’s not a dictionary app like some of the others included on this list, but it serves an important purpose and is perfect for beginners getting used to the language.

SpanishDict Translator

Translator, conjugator and dictionary in one, anyone? This is what you’ll need.

The SpanishDict app has it all.

It’s not always easy to find an app that has such an accurate translation as this one. Yes, there are a few minor translation inaccuracies, but these are incredibly minor.

If you were hoping the app would provide video lessons — just like the website does, you won’t find them. But this app is very comprehensive and very useful. I personally liked the ‘Word of the Day’ option, which will send you a new Spanish word each day to help you learn.

See this SpanishDict review.

Speak and Translate Voice Translator

The easy-to-use Speak and Translate Voice Translator is great for translating English to Spanish.

But what makes it unique — and what I found useful — was the way it translates spoken English into Spanish.

You won’t be able to use the app offline, which is one drawback, and it also lacks some of the other unique features of some other apps listed here. But you can use its online dictionary to translate words and phrases into Spanish.


Linguee is a dictionary style Eng to Spanish translation app that features an offline mode and plenty of example sentences to help you understand your English to Spanish translations.

What you’ll also get with the Linguee app is the ability to hear how words and phrases are pronounced by native Spanish speakers.

What’s missing from this app, which some others on this list feature, is a synonym generator that can boost and supplement the vocabulary of advanced Spanish learners.

You’ll find, though, that this app is easy to use and will give you translations for even the most nuanced of definitions.

English to Spanish

This free English to Spanish translator app offers a basic translation between English and Spanish. It works in an instant, letting you translate up to 1,000 words.

The app is incredibly accurate, and hardly any of the meanings are lost when translating between English and Spanish. It can be used as a desktop app or a mobile application, which is very handy.

Being a free translation app, however, means the app lacks a few of the other features that some of the others on this list boast. It is a text translator, meaning you have to input the text into the app to receive translations.

In other words, it doesn’t feature a camera option and the quality of the voice to text translation is slightly unreliable.

English-Spanish Dictionary

The English-Spanish dictionary provides English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations and is easy to use.

Just like the WordReference app, bookmarking words is simple, and this app gives you an unlimited number of bookmarks for various phrases.

What I found useful about this Spanish translator app are the examples it provides. It is helpful when it comes to giving a translation of single words and short phrases, and the examples help you to understand how to use the words in context.

It is, however, quite limited in the sense that it lacks the voice to text translation features or image translation capabilities.

SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate is an app that offers instant translation for dialogues and conversations that feature two languages. It works using a voice or speech translation and types out the voice input or dialogue between both speakers.

What’s great about this English to Spanish translation app is that it also reads the translated text aloud and, to help you understand, the speed of the playback can be altered.

There are a few inaccuracies to be aware of when translating between English and Spanish though, but you can even take an image or upload an image to the app to receive a translation.


TextGrabber works similarly to Word Lens.

This useful app lets you translate the text from an image within seconds. What’s great about the TextGrabber app is that you’ll be able to get offline translations for Spanish.

This English to Spanish translator app works for digitized texts and posters, and even menus — in real-time.

So, although some of the other apps might have more features, this app is perfect for when you’re travelling abroad to a Spanish-speaking country and can’t understand what dishes you need to choose from.

Speak & Translate

What’s unique about the Speak & Translate English to Spanish translator app is the speed with which it translates your voice input. It’s a precise app too, letting you choose the detect language option to translate your text into Spanish more easily.

The app supports over 100 languages, European and Mexican Spanish included, for which voice to voice, voice to text and text to text options are available. Plus, you can make use of the offline mode to translate between English and Spanish with ease.


The DeepL translator’s alternative sentences make it a good choice for intermediate students. It’s ideal because it takes into consideration the vast potential translations of common English phrases into Spanish.

If you wanted to translate ‘I hope you’re well’, for example, this app will give you the usted, tu, and vosotros forms of the sentence, which is something Google Translate lacks.

Translating files and documents is also possible with DeepL, and there are some pro-options available at a price — such as unlimited text translation and the ability to translate whole files.

But it is a text translator only, meaning it doesn’t come with some of the bells and whistles that other apps on this list have.

What to look out for in Spanish translation apps

Aside from the fact that an English to Spanish translation app should provide accurate translations, you’ll notice that many of these apps have a camera option to translate text into Spanish.

Pretty good, right?

All you’ll need to do is point your camera at the text and it will translate into Spanish!

Then, you’ll stumble across a few other great translation apps that provide the option to record your voice and translate it into Spanish. These voice to text apps are useful for dialogues with native speakers.

The best translation apps will have a minimal delay when translating the voice input.

There’s also another useful feature that lets you listen to how the translated Spanish text should be pronounced, in a similar way to short audios do. Great apps that boast this cool feature help you practice your pronunciation.

And finally, you will find that some apps let you translate whole files into Spanish via upload. Some require a payment to make use of this service, which will let you unlock an unlimited file translation.

So, now you know what to look out for, let’s explore these English to Spanish translation apps!

Use English to Spanish translation apps to boost your knowledge

English to Spanish translation apps (eng to span or span to eng) are incredibly useful, regardless of which stage you’re at.

Beginners can look up basic translations, travellers can instantly translate texts with their cameras, and advanced students can make use of the example sentences that shed light on the contexts in which they should be used.

Remember to keep an eye out for the features we’ve mentioned in the introduction.

Whether you need audio to help you understand how to pronounce a word, or a file upload option, there’s an English to Spanish translation app out there for you.

Choose the best English to Spanish translation app for your requirements and supplement your Spanish.

Got any other apps or extensions you’d like to share?

Comment below.

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