100+ Most Desirable French Boy Names And Their Meanings

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100+ Most Desirable French Boy Names And Their Meanings

French names for boys sound unique and reflect a certain special, wise, strong or intelligent character about your newborn.

For this reason, we know that a French name for your baby will make a statement to the world.

Your baby boy is special and deserves a beautiful name.

Narrowing down your choices when it comes to naming your baby is one of the most important choices you’ll ever make.

Strength. Inspiration. Creativity.

These are some of the qualities you get in the French names for boys, their etymologies and meanings.

If you’re searching for the best French male names and need some inspiration, the list below will help.

Looking for female names? See this list of French girl names.

A couple of facts to bear in mind about French names for boys

As with English names for boys, there are a few things to bear in mind when naming your newborn.

Many French boy names are derived from Latin and Greek meanings and connote power or strength. They go back generations and are common in France having been inherited through history.

Other French boy names are also used to describe the location where the child was born.

The names Breton and Beaumont are two examples of this, which you can find out more about as you continue reading.

Some French boy names given to sons by their parents describe the traits or physical appearance of their newborn. See the name Beau further down in this post, or the name André, for example.

And it is also the case that many French boy’s names have religious significance (Catholic).

One such example of this includes the name Jean or Jean Baptiste, which we have described below in our list of names.

With these points in mind, let’s take a look at some truly inspiring French boy’s names.

French names for boys listed alphabetically

Here they are: the 100+ French boy’s names that have made my list.

They’re alphabetically listed from A to Z.

You’ll find the pronunciation in the second column and the meaning and etymology in the third. I’ve even included some celebrities and sportsmen who share these featured names.

What will you name your newborn baby boy?

Names starting with A

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
AlbertAL-behrThe name Albert is commonly used in France. Its origins lie in the German name Adelbert and it connotes nobility, royalty and wealth.
AbelAh-belThis French boy’s name has a Biblical significance. It is the name given to the Biblical character, Abel, and has been popular in various countries in Europe over the years. In the Biblical story, the character named Abel is killed by his brother, Cain. Abel means ‘breath’.
AndréAan-drheeThe English version of this name is Andrew and there are many other versions used around the globe, such as Andrei and Andres. André is a name used popularly in France. It means ‘bravery’ or ‘courageous’.
AlexandreAlek-san-druhAlso used in the regions of Portugal and Galicia, Alexandre is a French boy’s name that means ‘he who has strength’ or ‘mankind’s defender’. It is derived from the Greek name Alexandros. It is a popular name taken by the French footballer Alexandre Lacazette. There is a female version of this name — Alexandra.
AntoineAn-twanThe name Antoine is a French derivation of the Latin name Antonius. This name means ‘worthy of much praise’ and is used across the globe. The female version of this name is the French girl’s name, Antoinette.
ArmandArh-mannThis name connotes a lot of bravery and strength. Armand means ‘soldier’ in French. Some famous Armands to take note of are Armand Doré (a painter) and Armand Peugeot (famous for bikes and cars).
AlphonseAl-fonsThe French boy’s name Alphonse means ‘prepared for the battle’ and signifies bravery and strength.
AdrienAh-dhre-enWith Greek derivation, Adrien means ‘rich’. There is an English equivalent to this French boy’s name — which is Adrian, and there is also a feminine, French version of this name, which is Adrienne.
Allaina-ll-ahnThis French boy’s name means ‘cherished’ or precious. It comes from the German name Alain and is used widely in France.
Aubreyo-bhriAubrey means ‘power of the elves’, or ‘ruler of the elves’.

Names starting with B

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
BlaisebleizThe French name Blaise has an etymology that derives from the Latin name Blasius, which means ‘to stammer’.
BeaubohIs Beau the name that matches your baby boy perfectly? This name means ‘handsome’ in French. Giving your child this name means they will share the name with famous people such as Beau Landry — a Canadian football player, and Beau Kazer — a famous Canadian actor.
BrettbhretBret is a name that derives from the French language. It was used to describe the Bretons or Celts who lived in the north of France.
BleubluuThe French boy’s name Bleu translates to English as Blue and refers to the colour. The name isn’t as popular now as it previously has been and has declined in use.
BricebhreesBrice was a popular name in France during the Middle Ages. It means ‘freckled’, but its etymology also lies in the Anglo-Saxon word Brice, which means ‘alert’. The English equivalent is Bruce or Bryce, spelled with a ‘y’.
BastienBas-tiuhnBastien is a French boy’s name that means ‘esteemed and respected’.
BaptisteBap-teestBaptiste means ‘baptist’. It can also mean ‘he who has been baptised’. Its origins lie in the Bible and refer to the biblical character John the Baptist. There are many famous Baptistes, including Bapiste Giabiconi, model and singer, and Baptiste Rollier.
BonifaceBoh-ni-fasThis name means ‘he who brings fortune’. Its origins lie in the Latin term bonifatius. It also means ‘the fortunate one’.
BretonBhre-tohnThe name Breton refers to those who are born in Brittany. It means ‘of Britanny’ — the region located in the northwest area of France.
BenoîtBehn-nwaBenoît signifies ‘benediction’, ‘he who is blessed’ or ‘blessings’. It also means ‘he who spreads the good word’. Giving your child this name means they will share their name with the Canadian politician Benoit Charette and the singer Benoît David.
BeaumontBoo-monBeaumont translates to English as ‘beautiful mountain’ or ‘beautiful hill’. It reflects those newborns who were born near beautiful mountains or picturesque hills.
BernebehrneBerne is the shorter version of the name Bernard, which is used in English speaking countries too but is popular in France. It means ‘brave like bears’. The equivalent female version of this name is Bernardette.

Names starting with C

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
CharlessharleThis name has its origins in the German language. The name can mean ‘man who is free’, but it also means ‘strong’ and connotes strength and power.
ClaudeklawdThe name Claude is used in France and derives from Latin. It means ‘feeble’ but can also mean ‘he who stutters’. The female version of this name is Claudia. Giving your newborn son this name means he will share his name with Claude Monet — the French impressionist painter.
ConstantinKohn-stun-tanConstantin is a French name that originates in the Greek name Konstantinos. It is also a variation of the name Constantine, which is a Latin name. The meaning of this name is ‘steadfast’, ‘committed’.
ChevalierShuh-va-liyehThe French boy’s name translates to English as ‘knight’. It derives from the Latin noun ‘caballarius, which means rider — and refers to the knights who rode horses historically. This name also connotes nobility, as the knights ranked highly in the Middle Ages.
CorbinKohr-banCorbin is an Old French name that means ‘raven’. It is usually used as a surname and is used to describe those whose hair is as dark as a raven.
ChapinSha-panThis French boy’s name historically was used to describe those who worked as shoemakers, and it comes from the French word eschapin, which refers to shoemakers, or those who wore a particular type of shoe.
CavalierCa-va-liyehIn a similar way to Chevalier, Cavalier refers to the knights or riders who ranked highly in terms of nobility in the Middle Ages.
CédricSed-rikCédric is a popular name in France. It means ‘beloved’ or ‘he who is loved’. One of JK Rowling’s fictional characters was named Cedric in the magical world of Harry Potter.
ChristopheKhris-toffChristophe is a name with religious connotations. Containing the word ‘Christ’, it means ‘he who bears Christ’ or ‘he who has Christ within’.
CurtisCuhr-tiz‘Dignified’ and ‘courteous’ are two words that this French name connotes. The name comes from the French word Courtois, which means well-mannered.

Names starting with D

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
DanonDah-nonThis French gender-neutral name means ‘judged by God’.
DarcyDahr-seeDarcy is also a gender-neutral name that means ‘dark’. It was used as a name that reflected the traits of newborns with dark hair.
DurantDyuu-ruhThis name originates from the Latin — Durandus. It means ‘lasting’ or ‘steadfast’. It can be used as a surname and there are many famous people with this name, such as Sam Durant, an American artist, and Kevin Durant — a basketball player.
DiorDeeh-ohrDior comes from the Word ‘d’or’ in French. It a gender-neutral name that translates to English as ‘golden one’. It has become increasingly popular due to the famous French brand — Dior.
DidierDid-jyayThere is a range of famous French footballers with this name, including Didier Digard, Didier Deschamps. The name means ‘longing’ or ‘desire’.
DevereauxDe-ver-ohIs your newborn baby boy going to be a Devereaux? Devereaux means ‘beside the river’ or ‘the bank of the river’. It is a name that is quite rare and is used as a surname as well.
DenisDen-niThe French boy’s name Denis has its origins in Greek religión. It refers to the God of wine, who was called Dionysos. There are various famous people with whom your child will share this given name — from Denis Lavant (a French actor) to Denis Shapovalov (a tennis player).
DelmoreDel-mohrDelmore means ‘from the sea’ and its etymology stems from the original Old French/Spanish name Delmar. In Spanish, this name literally ‘means of the sea’, but the variation Delmore is used more frequently in France.

Names starting with E

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
ÉtienneEt-yennThe English equivalent of the French name Étienne is Stephen. Étienne itself means ‘the crown’.
EmmanuelEman-welEmmanuel has Hebrew origins and can be found in the Bible. It has religious connotations, meaning ‘God is present’ or ‘God is near to us’. The name is popular in France and has a few variations in other countries, including Imanuel, with one ‘m’ and an ‘i’ and Emanuel, with one ‘m’.
EdouardEd-wharrThe meaning of this French boy’s name is ‘guardian who has wealth’. There are various variations of this name all over the world. In English, the equivalent is Edward. There is also another version spelled slightly differently — Eduardo — which is heard more in Spain and is popular in Spanish speaking countries.

Names starting with F

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
FlorianFloh-rhiaFlorian is a French name for boys that means ‘flowering’.
FabriceFab-rhisThis French boy’s name means ‘manual worker’ or ‘he who works with his hands’.
FaustinFos-tineFaustine means ‘he who is fortunate’.
FrançoisFhran-swahFrançois is a French boy’s name that means Frenchman, or ‘from France’. It has an equivalent female version, which is Françoise.
FabienFah-byenFabien has Latin origins and comes from the name Fabianus, which refers to a type of bean. It, therefore, means ‘bean grower’.
FrancesFhra-sisIn a similar way to François, Frances is a French boy’s name that means Frenchman.
FredericFrhe-dehr-icFrederic is a French name for boys that means ‘he who rules peacefully’.
FlorentFloh-rahThe French boy’s name Florent is an alternative version to the name Florian. It means ‘blossoming’ or ‘flowering’. It has an equivalent female name, which is Florentine.
FerdinandFehr-di-nahnFerdinand is a name that originates from Germany but is widely used in France. It has a Spanish version — Ferdinando. This French boy’s name means ‘he who travels’, or ‘brave traveller’.
FélixFeh-liksFélix is a name that is popular in Europe and France. In a similar way to the French name Faustin, it connotes luck and great fortune. So, this French boy’s name means ‘he who brings fortune’ or ‘fortunate one’.

Names starting with G

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
GustaveGoo-stavGustave is a French boy’s name that means ‘he who possesses the Gods’ staff’ and ‘those who serve the king’.
GastonGas-tawnGaston is a name that has a German etymology — coming from the German word for ‘guest’. However, it can also mean ‘he who is from Gascony’.
GhislainGee-luhnGhislain means ‘pledged one’. There is an equivalent female version of this French name, which is Ghislaine. Note the ‘e’ that distinguishes the male and female versions.
GérardZhe-rahrThis name originates in the German language. It is widely used in France and means ‘bearer of the spear’ and ‘brave one’. The equivalent female version of this name is Geraldine.
GervaisZher-vayIn a similar way to Gérard, Gervais also means ‘spear holder’ or ‘spearman’.
GaspardGas-pahrGaspard is a French boy’s name that means ‘treasure hunter’ or ‘wealthy’. It is not a commonly used name, but it is very unique.
GaëlGa-elGaël is a French name that was used to describe someone who is Gaelic. It can also mean ‘a leader who is charitable and generous’.
GabrielGab-rhe-elGabriel has a Hebrew origin. It refers to the angel Gabriel and is a Biblical name. It means ‘my strength comes from God’, and there is an equivalent female version of this French name, which is Gabrielle.
GeorgesZhor-zhThe origins of the name Georges lie in the Greek language — it means ‘farmer’.

Names starting with H

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
HenriAahn-rhiThis French boy’s name means ‘he who rules the home’ or ‘the leader of the home’ The equivalent female version of this name is Henrietta, while the English version is typically spelled with a ‘y’ — Henry. Notable famous people with this name include French footballer Thierry Henry (note that he spells it with a ‘y’) and Henri Bergson (French philosopher).
Hubertoo-behrHubert means ‘enlightened mind’ and originates in Germany. Despite this, it is a popular name used in France. Some famous Huberts include Hubert Brasier — former UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s father — and Hubert Kitchen — a Canadian politician.
Hugooo-goYour new-born baby boy might be a Hugo. It has an English equivalent, which is Hugh and originates in Germany. However, this name is also popular in France and means ‘intelligence’, ‘intellect’ or ‘powerful mind’. It can also mean ‘spirit’.

Names starting with J

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
Jean-PaulZha-polCombining both Jean and Paul, this French boy’s name means ‘God is gracious’. There are plenty of famous Jean-Pauls, including Jean-Paul Sartre (a French philosopher), Jean-Paul Gaultier (a fashion designer), and Belmondo (a famous French actor).
JeanzhaJean comes from Hebrew but is used as a popular name in France and Europe. It has religious connotations, meaning ‘God is merciful and gracious’. The equivalent female version of this name is Jeanne.
JacqueszhakJacques also derives from Hebrew — it is a variation of the name Jacob and means ‘God protects him’.
Jean-BaptisteZha-bap-tistIn a similar way to the French boy’s name Baptiste, this name is Biblical in origin. It refers to the Biblical character John the Baptist and combines the meanings of ‘God is compassionate’, and ‘he who has been baptised’.
JavierJa-viehJavier is a popular boy’s name in Spain, but it is also used in France. Like Xavier, which is featured at the end of this list this name means ‘enlightened one’, or ‘intelligent one’.
JanvierZha-viehJanvier is a French boy’s name meaning January.

Names starting with L

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
LucienLu-siehnLucien was typically used to name newborns who were born at dawn. This name has its origins in Latin. It means ‘born in the morning light’.
LéonLeh-onThis name originates from the Latin word for lion, connotes bravery and strength and means lion.
LouisLou-wiThe French name Louis means ‘renowned fighter’, or ‘renowned warrior’. It has an English equivalent that is spelled the same but pronounced differently, and an English version spelled Lewis. There is also an equivalent female version of this name, which is Louisa. Some famous Louises include various French kings.
Lionelli-oh-nehlLionel, in a similar way to the name Léon, means small lion. It connotes boldness and bravery.
LeoLe-ohSimilar to Léon and Lionel, Leo also means lion.
LuisLu-isLuis is an alternative name to the French name Louis. It is used in France, but more so in Spain and Germany. It means ‘renowned fighter’.
LaurentLa-rhaaThis French boy’s name means ‘he who shines’.
LucasLu-caLucas means ‘the light bearer’ or ‘he who illuminates’. It originates from the Greek — Loukas.

Names starting with M

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
MarcelMahr-selA reduced form of the name Marcellus — which is Latin in origin and refers to the God of war — Marcel is a French boy’s name that mean ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior’.
Marceaumahr-kuMarceau is an alternative versión of the name Marcel and also derives from the Latin name Marcellus. It means therefore also means ‘fighter’ or ‘warrior’.
MarcmahrkThis variation and shortened version of the name Marcel has the same origin and means ‘battler’ or ‘fighter’. The English version of this French boy’s name is Mark, which uses a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’.
MathieuMat-ieuThere is an English version of this French boy’s name, which is Matthew. Mathieu is a Hebrew name that is found in the Bible. According to the Bible, Matthew was one of Jesus’s 12 apostles. The name means ‘gift given by God’.

Names starting with N

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
NicolasnikolaThere is an English equivalent to this French boy’s name, which is Nicholas. This name means ‘the people’s victory’. It has a female, English equivalent, which is Nicola, and one notable, famous person with this name is the former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.
NoelNo-elThe name Noel has deeply religious connotations. It originates from the French noun nöel, which translates to English as ‘Christmas’. This French boy’s name, therefore, means ‘the birthday of the Lord’.

Names starting with O

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
OdilonOh-deehl-oThis French boy’s name is not as popular as it was at the beginning of the 20th century. It means ‘wealthy one’ ‘he who has fortune’, or ‘he who has wealth’.
OlivierOh-liv-yayOlivier is a French name that stems from the French word for olive tree. This French boy’s name has an English equivalent, which is Oliver, with one letter ‘i’.

Names starting with P

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
PatricePat-rhisThis French boy’s name means ‘noble’. It is derived from the Latin adjective ‘patricius’ which meant ‘aristocratic’ and connoted that the so-named individual had power. Patrick is the English version of Patrice, and the equivalent female version of the name is Patricia.
PhilippeFil-ipPhilippe is a French boy’s name that means ‘he who loves horses’. One famous person with the name Philippe was Philippe Auguste — King of France between 1180 and 1223.
PascalPas-kalPerhaps Pascal is the perfect name for your little boy? Pascal means ‘Easter’, ‘born during Easter’ or ‘Passover’ in French. There is an equivalent female version of this name, which is Pascale, with an ‘e’ at the end. Its origins are Hebrew.
PicardPi-karhThis French name is not too complicated. It refers to newborns who originate from the French region of Picardy, situated in the northwest. Famous people who have the name Picard include Alexandre Picard — an ice hockey player from Canada, and Andrew Comrie-Picard — an actor from Canada.
ProustPhr-usWill your newborn share his name with the French literary novelist Marcel Proust? This name means ‘intelligent’ and ‘praiseworthy’ and is a well-known French name.
PaulpolPaul is a French boy’s name that means ‘humble’, ‘unassuming’, ‘modest’. The name Paul exists in English with no spelling variations, though it is pronounced differently, and there is an equivalent female version, which is Paula.

Names starting with R

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
RémyrhemiRémy is a French boy’s name that means ‘he who rows’ or ‘rower’. There are a few variations of this French name. Some spell it with an ‘i’, for example, while the English version retains the ‘y’, but has no accent mark.
RousselRhu-sehlThe French boy’s name Russel comes from the French colour adjective ‘rous’ which was used in Old French, meaning’ red. It is thought that the name was used to describe a person who had red hair.
RenérhruneRené is a French boy’s name that means ‘reborn’. It has religious connotations and refers to those who were baptised and ‘born again’.
RomainRho-maneThe French boy’s name Romain derives from Latin. It is the French word for ‘Romanus’ which refers to those citizens who were of Rome.
RaymondRhae-monRaymond means ‘protector’. It is of German origin but is widely used in France.

Names starting with S

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
SébastiensEh-bas-tjhenThis name is used frequently in France. Its origins lie in the Greek language and it is taken from the word ‘sebastos’. It means ‘respected’ or ‘esteemed one’.

Names starting with T

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
ToussaintTu-sainIs Toussaint a match for your baby boy? The name means ‘all saints’, originating in the Burgundy location of France.

Names starting with V

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
VictorVik-tohrThe name Victor means ‘champion’ or ‘he who is victorious’. It is Latin in origin. A newborn who is given this name will share their name with the famous writer Victor Hugo.
Vitusvi-toosThe boy’s name Vitus is used frequently in France. It means ‘life’, or ‘energetic’.

Names starting with X

French NamePronunciationMeaning And Etymology
XavierKzah-viyayXavier is a popular name both in France and Spain. This name means ‘enlightened one’. It is popularly used and was possibly made popular due to the Spanish Saint, Francis Xavier. It is widely used in the Basque country, which shares a border with France.

Have you chosen the perfect French boy’s name from our list?

We’ve reached the end!

It’s not going to be a quick decision to give your newborn the perfect name. However, with the help of these unique, strong and meaningful names, I know you’ll now have plenty of ideas.

We’ve also got an extensive list of Arabic boy names you might be interested in.

If you’d like to share another unique French boy’s name with us that you don’t see on the list…

Share your contribution with us below!

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