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5 Best Koine Greek Textbooks That Every Theology Student Should Own

July 16, 2019
Today I'll share the best Koine Greek textbooks in case you're a theology student looking for quality books or you're unhappy with your current Greek book.

There's No Babbel Greek But Here Are Some Better Options

May 02, 2019
There currently is no Babbel Greek but the good news is there are some even better course and app alternatives for Greek learners.

5 Reasons Koine Greek Should Be Mandatory For Theology Students

April 29, 2019
While Hebrew and to a much lesser extent Aramaic are vital to OT study, it is absolutely paramount that every theology student learns Greek. Here''s why.

UPDATE: Greek, The Gaeltacht And More Big News

July 08, 2018
I'm long overdue for an update on what's been happening recently with my language project and plans for 2018. Also, big news.

The Beginner’s Guide To Learning Modern Greek (How To Get Started)

March 03, 2018
So you’ve decided to start learning Greek? You need a guide to get started and that's what this post is for. If you find that learning Greek is really for you, be assured that it is a journey well worth it.

Koine Greek Is Difficult Because Of The Way It's Taught (+ How To Fix It)

January 23, 2018
One of my main goals with this project is to identify the points where Koine Greek is a major struggle, look at how it's commonly taught and see if I can find a way to radically improve it.

Does Learning Koine Greek Benefit Modern Greek (Or Vice-Versa)?

January 09, 2018
This will be the first time where I use an ancient language as a foundation to learning a modern, conversational language (Koine Greek to Modern Greek).

4 Helpful Tips To Help You Learn Ancient Languages Better

December 14, 2015
Today I'll offer a few tips that will really help you learn ancient languages better.

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