Best French Immersion Courses For Seniors (Over 50's)

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Best French Immersion Courses For Seniors (Over 50's)

Are you a senior citizen or mature student learning French?

Looking for the best French language and cultural immersion opportunities in France? Many options do indeed exist.

I’ve researched and handpicked the top courses that cater for your age bracket below.

Find the perfect French course for over 50’s in this guide.

Online options

Before I dive into the brick and mortar French schools that cater to over 50’s, I want to quickly recommend a handful of online options in case you’re unable to travel.

  • Rocket French: This is arguably the best and most comprehensive French course available online, and it suits all levels. You can learn at your own pace and get assistance when needed.
  • Pimsleur: This excellent course has been a market leader for decades. It’s audio-only, and is suitable for anyone wanting to learn French on the go.
  • French Uncovered: If you enjoy reading, then this is a great option for learning French at home as the teacher uses simple, short stories to teach you French.
  • Lingoda: If you want a tutor or private teacher to teach you at your convenience from the comfort of your own home, then Lingoda is excellent.

These four options, in my opinion, are the most suitable for older learners.

You can see a more extensive list of online French course options here.

Best in-person French courses for mature students over 50

Here’s a list of the most suitable French courses for seniors and over 50’s.

Most of these are located in France.

I’ve included prices in the list to help you compare which ones are ideal for your budget.

1. ILA France

Price: €395 per week

Location: Montpellier

The Institut Linguistique Adenet French course for seniors offers language learners over 50 an immersive experience. The course features engaging cultural activities in Montpellier, including gastronomic and historical events, specifically wine tastings and visits to UNESCO sites, such as Avignon.

You’ll learn French in a small group of students using oral communication and discussing your favourite interests. This course’s maximum number of students is 10, but the average is between five and eight.

Offering 20 lessons that each last 45 minutes, the course also provides a grounding in writing expressions and written comprehension. ILA France’s teachers offer a tailored approach to match each student’s learning requirements and interests.

The two-week course is ideal for students of most levels except A1. So, consider this course if you have at least reached the A2 level. The price for this course is €395 per week.

2. CIA France

Price: €750 per week

Location: Antibes

Centre International d’Antibes French course for seniors is on the Côte d’Azur, in southern France. It offers 20 lessons that are 45 minutes long and focus on core grammar and oral communication skills. The course provides four engaging weekly activities and doesn’t hold back on the cultural immersion elements.

From cultural workshops, such as Provencal cooking, visiting the theatre, and local product tasting, to weekend excursions, such as day trips to Monaco, there are several opportunities to engage in French culture.

The course accepts a maximum of 12 students and is suitable for French language learners of all levels. Teachers in this course use an active teaching method and encourage students to interact with other students.

You can get a free quote for your specific price for the course, but the cost starts from €750 per week.

3. Easy French Montpellier

Price: €395 per week (€80 enrolment)

Location: Montpellier

Offering 20 lessons that are 45 minutes long, the Easy French Montpellier French course for seniors is fun and practical. It’s specifically for students aged 50 and above, and you can choose between one and two weeks of study.

If you’re a complete beginner studying A1-level French or a French language expert and are studying C2-level French, the course material is not ideal for you. The course is perfect for A2- to C1-level students.

In this course, you will study with a maximum of 9 other students after completing an online level test. You will enjoy excursions to UNESCO heritage sites, like Carcassonne, take part in wine tastings, visit French locations that are rich with history, and even take part in sports – such as pétanque.

This course costs €395 per week, but you’ll also have to pay an €80 enrolment fee.

4. Alpha.b Institute Linguistique

Price: €940

Location: Nice

Alpha.b Institute Linguistique’s French course for over 50s students offers 15 weekly lessons for two weeks. It accepts language learners who have reached or exceeded the A2 level.

Cultural immersion is a crucial part of the course. You can visit museums and old towns, participate in product-tasting sessions, and even visit the Lérins Islands. But the course’s main objective is to help you communicate with French speakers in various real-life circumstances.

The course includes engaging activities such as role-play, debates, videos, and news articles. Course leaders encourage all students to practise the language, communicate, and improve their French comprehension.

Your teacher’s methods are dynamic and backed by the CECRL (the cadre européen commun de reference por les langues).

This two-week course costs €940 and requires a 25% prepayment of the cost.

5. Cavilam Vichy Alliance Français

Price: €1,078

Location: Vichy

As part of the Cavilam Vichy Alliance Français course, you can practice your French language skills in the Vichy spa town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The course accepts students who have reached the A1 level and provides 36 group lessons.

You’ll study French in a group of eight to 14 other students, all aged 50 and over. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, and the course runs for two weeks, in which expert teachers use a friendly and engaging teaching method.

After most classes, you can take part in an excursion to use what you learn during the course. Some examples of cultural trips include visiting the Vichy Célestins Spa and a medieval village.

This French course for seniors costs €1,078 and includes the course materials and cultural activities program.

6. Live Languages Abroad

Price: €550 (one week) or €950 (two weeks)

Location: Various

The Live Languages Abroad course offers lessons in Antibes, Nice and Paris. You can study for one or two weeks for both the Antibes and Nice courses. For the Paris course, you can study for one week.

As part of the course, you can arrange accommodation with host families and complete engaging activities to receive full cultural immersion.

Not only can you learn about French gastronomy, civilisation and cuisine, but you can also participate in art museum visits and cookery workshops. You’ll even be able to take home authentic French recipes in the cookery workshops.

You can participate in 20 weekly lessons, which are 45 minutes long. The maximum number of students who will be in your group is 12.

The course costs €550 for one week and €950 for two weeks.

7. CESA Languages Abroad

Price: €535 per week + €60 admin fee

Location: Various

In the CESA Languages Abroad course, you’ll practice your French language skills with senior students aged 50 and over abroad. You can study in a few locations, including Montpellier, Antibes, Rouen and Nice, and participate in a cultural program.

Some of the most notable cultural events you can experience include a produce-tasting event, a guided Fabre museum visit, and a full-day excursion in Avignon.

The course features 20 lessons each week. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes, and you can study for one or two weeks.

You’ll find it easy to improve your French in a small group of 10 students, which teachers suggest helps language learners focus.

The CESA Languages Abroad course costs €535 per week, but you must pay a course administration fee of €60, plus accommodation costs.

8. Cactus Language

Price: €544.7 per week (Rouen) or €589.5 per week (Nice)

Location: Various (includes France, Canada, Switzerland and the Caribbean)

Cactus Language’s combination of activities and language lessons provide a cultural immersion experience like no other. Alongside your lessons, you’ll participate in cooking lessons, wine-tasting events, museum visits, and excursions for one or two weeks.

You can study in Antibes, Rouen or Nice in accredited centres that cater to students of all language levels and are on the doorstep of the best sites. In the Nice language learning centre, for example, you’ll be close to the cathedral, old town and Baie des Anges beach, which gives you a chance to practise your French in real-life situations.

As part of the course, you can download a free French language kit to give your French language skills a boost.

For the course in Rouen, you can expect to pay €544.7 per week, and for the course in Nice, you’ll pay €589.5 per week.

9. Langues Immersion Pro School

Price: €900 per week

Location: Vazerac (near Toulouse)

Langues Immersion Pro School offers a course for mature students who want to learn French and experience cultural events. Its founders emphasise that this course keeps your brain active and offers essential French language skills.

You can participate in various excursions, such as learning in the southwestern French countryside, sampling rich and tasty French food, and participating in wine and local produce tasting events.

During the lessons, experienced teachers will ensure the lesson content meets your specific requirements. You’ll have the chance to take a French exam when the course is over to prove your French language expertise.

Prices vary, but you can expect to pay €900 per week for 15 study hours.

Age isn’t a barrier to learning French

While many French courses cater to younger demographics, there are plenty of options for those of us over 50, both online and abroad.

Learning French is a great way to keep your mind sharp and active.

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