39 Best Podcasts To Learn Italian In 2024 (All Levels)

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39 Best Podcasts To Learn Italian In 2024 (All Levels)

Podcasts are one of my favorite Italian learning resources.

For most people learning Italian, listening comprehension can be one of the most difficult parts of learning the language.

Italian speakers always seem to be speaking too quickly. 😊

Italian podcasts can help you get beyond this hurdle.

In this list, I’ll share with you the very best podcasts available for Italian learners.

Also be sure to checkout our comprehensive lists of best Italian courses and best apps to learn Italian as well.

Best podcasts for learning Italian

Below you’ll find my full list of top podcasts for Italian learners.

NOTE: Most of the links here go to Spotify, but you can find many of these on iTunes, Google and other sources as well.



ItalianPod101 is an all-in-one resource for my Italian learning needs, offering a wealth of audio lessons that span from beginner to advanced levels. Starting with basics like greetings and numbers, the lessons progress into more advanced grammar and vocabulary, which I found incredibly helpful in my journey from a beginner to an intermediate learner.

The podcast, which is completely free, is basically an audio sampling of their incredible ItalianPod101 course (you can read our review here). Their paid course starts at about $4 a month.

What sets ItalianPod101 apart for me is its comprehensive approach. Beyond just listening, I’ve had access to downloadable lesson notes, quizzes, flashcards, and even translations. This has provided a more holistic learning experience, similar to a structured course.

Overall, ItalianPod101 serves as a complete package for anyone serious about Italian.

Suitable for: Absolute beginners to advanced learners, particularly those who prefer a structured learning approach.

News In Slow Italian

News In Slow Italian

In my experience, News in Slow Italian has been a fantastic resource for easing into Italian. The podcast delivers news at slower speeds, and you can customize this pace to match your comprehension level.

The topical range is excellent, from arts and culture to politics and technology, making each lesson both educational and engaging. It’s been a really helpful way for me to build my vocabulary while staying informed.

If you’re looking to move from a beginner to an intermediate level, the “Get Up to Speed” course is a game-changer. It bridges the gap effectively, setting you up for more complex dialogues and interactions in Italian.

Suitable for: Upper-level beginners to intermediate learners.

Quattro Stagioni

Quattro Stagioni

Quattro Stagioni has been a delightful way for me to enhance my Italian skills. Hosted by native Italian Allesandra Pasqui, each bite-sized episode of around 5 minutes dives into aspects of Italian culture, from food to current events.

With over 100 episodes, the podcast offers a comprehensive learning experience. The episodes are designed to cater to A1 level learners initially and gradually progress to A2 and B1, which is why it’s crucial to listen in sequence.

The range of topics, from culture to daily lifestyle, has significantly enriched my vocabulary and understanding of Italian life. There are even specialized series focusing on food (“In cucina”) and travel (“In viaggio”), adding layers to my learning experience.

Suitable for: Upper-level beginners (A2) to low-intermediate (B1) learners.

Coffee Break Italian

Coffee Break Italian

As someone who’s dabbled in learning Italian, Coffee Break Italian has been an invaluable resource. Presented by Scottish teacher Mark, along with native speaker Francesca and student Isla, this podcast offers a comprehensive, structured approach that is incredibly user-friendly.

The episodes are roughly the length of a coffee break, around 20-30 minutes, which makes it easy to fit into a busy day. The structure is solid: starting with vocabulary and phrases, transitioning into culture and travel, and wrapping up with a review session where I’ve been able to practice speaking.

Coffee Break Italian has been my go-to for everything from greetings and introductions to more complex grammatical structures as I’ve moved from beginner to intermediate levels. Whether I’ve been preparing for a trip to Italy or just learning phrases for daily use, the podcast’s flexibility and free availability on multiple platforms have made it an excellent tool for my learning journey.

Suitable for: Complete beginners to intermediate learners, especially those planning to travel to Italy or those who prefer shorter, focused episodes.

Podcast Italiano

Podcast Italiano

Diving into Podcast Italiano has been enriching for me. Hosted by Davide, an experienced polyglot and online teacher, the podcast covers a broad spectrum of topics, from history and societal issues to sports, providing authentic content that sharpens my vocabulary and listening skills. With more than 100 episodes and additional YouTube content, I’ve found this platform to be a versatile resource for deepening my understanding of Italian language and culture.

Suitable for: All levels, but particularly good for intermediate learners.

Con Parole Nostre

Con Parole Nostre

Listening to Con Parole Nostre is like eavesdropping on a lively conversation among friends in an Italian piazza. Hosted by Elfin, Silvia, and Barbara, this podcast delves into casual topics ranging from fashion to family traditions, all in fast-paced, authentic Italian. It’s a wonderful way for me to immerse myself in colloquial language and contemporary culture while not feeling completely lost, thanks to available transcripts.

Suitable for: All levels, particularly those who are keen on learning slang, and enjoy topics centered around everyday Italian life.

Italiano Automático

Italiano Automatico

Hosted by Alberto — often with appearances by his Nonna — Italiano Automático caters mainly to intermediate learners. With a treasure trove of over 550 episodes, this podcast covers colloquial language, slang, and cultural nuances in a humorous and engaging manner. It’s especially ideal for learners like me who have some foundation in Italian but want to fine-tune their understanding of how the language is actually spoken in day-to-day conversations.

Suitable for: Those who appreciate humor in learning, are interested in gaining a family-oriented perspective on Italian culture..

30-Minute Italian

30 Minute Italian

Don’t let the name fool you; 30-Minute Italian often delivers impactful lessons in less than half an hour. It’s been my go-to podcast for learning a mix of practical phrases, cultural tips, and more nuanced aspects of the Italian language.

Hosted by Cher, the podcast is peppered with interviews from both ex-pats and native Italians, which adds a layer of authenticity and engagement. From discussions on dinner conversations and music to tackling dating in Italy, the podcast offers a wide range of topics that make it a unique learning experience.

The beauty of 30-Minute Italian lies in its flexibility. Since each episode is self-contained, I’ve been able to jump in and out as per my interests and needs. It’s free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, which is a huge plus.

Suitable for: Those at an intermediate level, especially those planning on moving to Italy or interested in out-of-the-ordinary topics.

4 Verticale

4 Verticale

I’ve found 4 Verticale to be a refreshing departure from the standard, textbook-driven approach to learning Italian. Created by Babbel, this podcast offers engaging conversations that tackle unique aspects of the Italian language and culture.

From exploring vintage Italian insults to diving into funny sayings, 4 Verticale delivers a much-needed context to phrases that would otherwise just be dictionary entries. It’s a fun, fascinating way to acquire Italian idioms and colloquial expressions.

Suitable for: Intermediate learners looking for an engaging and culturally enriching experience.

Just Italian

Just Italian

Designed for upper beginners and intermediate-level learners, Just Italian offers short episodes—between 5 to 10 minutes long—that delve into complex topics like current events, history, and culture. Host Michele uses easy-to-understand Italian to explain these subjects, making it an excellent choice for those looking to expand their vocabulary without feeling overwhelmed.

The podcast is available for free on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Suitable for: Those who want to learn about advanced topics at a comfortable pace, prefer bite-sized episodes.

Learn Italian with Music

Learn Italian With Music

Learn Italian with Music capitalizes on the power of song to help intermediate learners grasp vocabulary, grammar, and cultural nuances. The podcast dives into the lyrics of contemporary Italian music, providing a unique and engaging angle for language acquisition.

Suitable for: Those who love music and are looking for a creative way to improve their Italian.



Camposanto is an unconventional podcast for Italian learners that delves into the histories and narratives surrounding cemeteries. Hosted by former Babbel content producer Giulia Depentor, the podcast offers a mix of language learning and unique storytelling. While the subject matter may seem dark, the fascinating lives of those discussed and the cultural insight provided make this podcast an intriguing option for more advanced learners.

Suitable for: Those interested in unconventional topics and cultural issues.

Incontro Italiano

Incontro Italiano offers 30-minute episodes that dive into a variety of intermediate topics like music, art, and healthy eating. Produced by an Italian team, it presents an authentic view of Italian culture and features various regional accents. However, the podcast has ceased production and many of its over 400 episodes are hard to find.

Suitable for: Intermediate learners who are looking for a deep dive into authentic Italian culture.

Mangia Come Parli

Mangia Come Parli

Mangia Come Parli is a feast for Italian cuisine and culture enthusiasts. The podcast features native speakers, including a chef and a sports journalist, who delve into the world of Italian food and its connection to the Italian language. The episodes are not just educational but also highly entertaining, making it an excellent resource for those who want to learn about Italian culture, culinary traditions, and language simultaneously.

Suitable for: Anyone who loves Italian food and culture and wants to improve their Italian language skills.

Senza Rossetto

Senza Rossetto

Senza Rossetto offers a unique feminist lens to Italian language learning, covering topics like historical challenges, modern stereotypes, and future gender equality. Geared towards advanced learners, this podcast offers thoughtful discussions that could expand your reading list while also enhancing your understanding of societal issues in Italy.

Suitable for: Advanced learners interested in feminism, social justice issues, etc.

Joy of Languages

Joy of Languages

Joy of Languages, previously known as 5-Minute Italian, is a go-to resource for learners keen on mastering Italian pronunciation. Available for free on the Joy of Languages website and SoundCloud, each episode comes with a transcript, downloadable flashcards, and a quiz, offering a holistic learning experience.

Suitable for: Learners who want to focus on pronunciation.

La Linguacciuta

La Linguacciuta

La Linguacciuta, another advanced-level Italian podcast by Babbel, explores the nuances and oddities of the Italian language. Hosted by Ilenia Zodiaco, the show delves into untranslatable concepts, invented words, and the role of language in shaping personality. With only 10 episodes available so far, it’s a digestible series for those interested in linguistics and the intricacies of the Italian language.

Suitable for: Advanced learners fascinated by linguistics, looking to understand unique and untranslatable Italian concepts.

Arkos Academy

Arkos Academy

Arkos Academy is best suited for intermediate to advanced learners of Italian who are looking to expand both their language skills and cultural understanding. With its dual-speed recordings, the podcast accommodates various levels of listening comprehension.

By offering an array of topics and presentation styles, Arkos Academy caters to a diverse learning audience, providing invaluable insights into Italian culture, history, and society along the way.

Suitable for: Intermediate learners who want to solidify their grammar and vocabulary skills or advanced learners interested in fast-paced, culturally rich topics.

History Cast

As someone passionate about both the Italian language and history, I found History Cast to be an invaluable resource. The podcast dives into the depths of Italy’s rich past, ranging from the times of Ancient Rome to modern-day events. It’s produced for native Italian speakers, so it’s quite challenging vocabulary-wise, but that’s precisely what makes it an excellent tool for advanced learners like me. It’s a pity they no longer create new episodes, but the available ones are still a treasure trove for anyone keen on learning specialized terminology while also enriching their understanding of Italian culture and history.

Suitable for: Advanced learners.

The Italian Coach Podcast

Italian Coach

Whenever I’ve needed to take my Italian to the next level, The Italian Coach Podcast has been a fantastic resource. Moreno, the host, has this knack for making even complex topics engaging, thanks in part to his love for movies and pop culture. Each episode is a digestible 10-12 minutes, perfect for a quick language boost. If you want to dive deeper, you can purchase episode transcriptions on his website.

Suitable for: Upper-intermediate and advanced learners who are looking to refine their Italian skills and enjoy modern, interesting topics.


If you’re an advanced learner like me and have a penchant for science, Fisicast is a real treat. It dives into the world of physics in a relatable manner, linking scientific concepts to everyday items like microwaves and X-rays. Even though it’s tailored for native Italians, the podcast presents the subject matter in an accessible way for those who aren’t physicists. What’s incredible is that while you’re learning about scientific phenomena, you’re also picking up Italian vocabulary that can be useful in day-to-day conversations.

Suitable for: Advanced learners.

America 24

As someone who’s always keen on politics and world events, I found America 24 to be a compelling listen. Though it’s no longer in production and the news items are from before 2017, it offers a fascinating Italian perspective on American politics and events. It’s a wonderful way to mix cultural knowledge with language learning, and the best part? Because the podcast focuses on American topics, it’s easier to understand the context, even if some of the political figures and events are a bit dated now.

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced learners interested in politics.

Il Ruggito del Coniglio

Il Ruggito del Coniglio was a daily delight for me! Coming from Italian Radio 2, this podcast was like a rollercoaster ride through Italian pop culture and politics, all served with a comedic twist. It’s particularly good for learning colloquialisms and getting used to the fast-paced, sometimes overlapping way Italians naturally converse. I loved the vibrant atmosphere and the engaging banter, which kept me hooked and improved my listening skills.

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced learners who enjoy politics and pop culture.

Simone Pols - Simple Italian Podcast

Simone Pols

As someone who enjoys diving into a variety of topics, the Simple Italian Podcast by Simone Pols was a real treat. Simone takes on an eclectic mix of subjects—from video games and psychology to notable figures in Italian history—and he presents them in an easily digestible manner. His steady, clear pace was perfect for understanding new vocabulary without feeling overwhelmed. With over 150 episodes available, I never ran out of interesting content to listen to. What’s more, I could access the episodes for free on Apple Podcasts and Simone’s website, which was convenient for me as an Apple Music subscriber.

Suitable for: Intermediate learners looking to expand their vocabulary and delve into niche topics. This podcast is also great if you’re already focusing on grammar and tenses through other resources.

Oggi Parliamo

When I stumbled upon Oggi Parliamo, hosted by Andrea, I was thrilled by its diverse and consistent content. Four days a week, Andrea provides a thorough exploration of Italian culture and language. Mondays are dedicated to the arts, covering everything from opera to history. Tuesdays focus on grammar, while Wednesdays keep me updated on current events in Italy. And Thursdays? That’s when I get to dive into popular Italian expressions. As a certified Italian teacher and CELI examiner, Andrea really knows his stuff. I also appreciate that he offers full transcripts for Patreon supporters and even a free trial class on his website.

Suitable for: All levels, thanks to the diverse range of topics and focus on both culture and grammar.

Italiano Bello

Italiano Bello

Italiano Bello offers a more casual approach to language learning that I really appreciate. Each 10-minute episode feels like I’m tuned into someone’s musings rather than a formal lesson, covering a range of topics from Italian culture and literature to language learning tips. It’s an excellent way to practice listening comprehension and pick up cultural nuances, making learning feel like a part of everyday life.

Suitable for: Intermediate learners.

Radio Arlecchino

Radio Arlecchino

Radio Arlecchino by the University of Texas at Austin became a fantastic supplement to my Italian studies. Although it only offers 22 episodes, each one is a treasure trove of grammatical insights, covering everything from the subjunctive tense to imperative forms and pronouns. The episodes come with free PDF transcripts, packed with grammar notes and cultural tidbits. I found it especially useful to revisit these PDFs during my language journey. While the podcast is mostly in English, the Italian dialogues it features are of high quality and super instructive.

Suitable for: Beginners and intermediate learners who want to deepen their understanding of Italian grammar.

Italian Stories in Italian

If you’re tired of endless grammar drills, Italian Stories in Italian could be a refreshing change of pace. I appreciated how the podcast uses storytelling to teach Italian in a more organic way. Episodes, which are 10 to 20 minutes long, tackle various intriguing subjects like Dante Alighieri and Italian carnivals, all narrated at a comfortably slow pace. Another perk? Free transcripts and vocabulary notes are available on the Online Italian Classes website, which I found particularly helpful for reviewing after listening.

Suitable for: Beginners and intermediate learners looking for a natural language approach.

Pensieri & Parole

Pensieri & Parole

Listening to Pensieri & Parole has been a unique experience because Linda brings a genuine thoughtfulness to each episode. From delving into profound topics like culture and literature to exploring everyday nuances like the importance of salt and hand gestures, she has a captivating way of storytelling. Plus, if you’re like me and want to dive deeper into each episode, study packages are available for purchase on the Piccolo Mondo Italiano website.

Suitable for: Intermediate and advanced learners who enjoy a storytelling approach covering diverse topics.

Italy Made Easy Podcast

If you’re looking to make learning Italian both fun and straightforward, Italy Made Easy with Manu is a great pick. Not only is Manu an engaging host, but his episodes are 100% in Italian, making them incredibly authentic. I found it helpful to sign up on his website for free access to transcripts and comprehension questions, and I loved the option to download episodes. Plus, if you’re just starting out with Italian, he has additional beginner content on his YouTube channel.

Suitable for: Beginners to advanced learners.

Learn Italian with Lucrezia

Learn Italian With Lucrezia

If you enjoy Lucrezia’s YouTube channel, you’ll love her podcast too. It’s not so much a grammar drill as it is a dive into the richness of Italian language and culture. I’ve found it to be a great companion when I can’t be glued to a screen. From festivals to customs, and even interviews with polyglots, this podcast keeps my motivation high. Don’t forget to check the episode descriptions; Lucrezia often includes images and articles that add extra flavor to the topics she covers.

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced learners who want a deep dive into Italian culture and language.

Ila Zed

This podcast is like a Swiss Army knife for anyone learning Italian. Not only does she delve into the nitty-gritty of grammar and Italian culture, but she also inspires with conversations about the learning process itself. I’ve picked up tips on everything from creating a daily routine for language immersion to selecting the best articles and movies to complement my study. And the free transcripts she provides are a real bonus for following along.

Suitable for: Intermediate learners looking for well-rounded guidance and motivation.

Easy Italian News

For those times when I’ve wanted to stay updated with both Italian and global news while practicing my language skills, Easy Italian News has been my go-to. The episodes are concise, lasting only about five minutes, but they manage to cover a variety of topics. What makes it a valuable resource for me is the free transcription provided for each episode. It’s an excellent way for intermediate or advanced learners to simultaneously improve their listening comprehension and stay informed.

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced learners interested in news and current events.

The Teacher Stefano Show

I really appreciate Stefano’s eclectic approach to teaching Italian on his podcast. With a variety of guests, including his mom, the topics span from cooking to acquiring Italian citizenship. It’s fascinating to hear different accents and perspectives. Plus, Stefano’s solo episodes that focus on culture and holidays offer a refreshing variety. His teaching experience really shines through, making the podcast not only educational but also engaging.

Suitable for: Intermediate to advanced learners interested in diverse topics and accents.

L’Italiano Vero

L'Italiano Vero

I’ve found L’Italiano Vero to be a real gem when it comes to making Italian learning enjoyable. The podcast is spearheaded by Massimo and his team, and their conversations cover an array of topics, from TV quiz shows to everyday life. What I really appreciate is their ability to keep it fun and simple, just like they were inspired to do by All Ears English. The interactive transcripts available for free on their website are a great resource, and for just $1 a month, you can get full access to all their content.

Suitable for: Learners at all levels who prefer natural dialogues and a broad range of topics.

Daily Cogito

Listening to Daily Cogito has been like attending an intellectually stimulating Italian salon. Hosted by Rick Dufer, an accomplished writer and philosopher, the podcast delves into philosophical topics, critical thinking, literature, and even pop culture.

I find the guest interviews especially enriching, as Rick often converses with influencers and professionals across different fields. His dynamic energy not only keeps me engaged but also makes the learning process feel less like study and more like an enlightening conversation.

Suitable for: Those with an intermediate to advanced grasp of Italian and an interest in intellectual topics.

Italiano con Amore

Italiano con Amore

When I’ve wanted to immerse myself in Italian culture without actually traveling, Italiano con Amore has been a delightful escape. Eleonora, the host, presents a smorgasbord of Italian experiences, from regional foods to local traditions. The episodes are on the longer side, about 20 minutes, but the pace is slow and deliberate, making it easy to follow. Whether you’re at a lower-intermediate or advanced level, this podcast has something to offer.

Suitable for: Lower-intermediate to advanced learners who have an interest in Italian culture.


For anyone with a passion for science and the Italian language, Scientificast has been an incredible find for me. With a panel of experts ranging from particle physicists to biotechnologists, the podcast delves deep into subjects like physics, biology, and medicine.

What sets it apart is its intellectual rigor and diversity of topics. Whether it’s exploring the existence of hypothetical particles or understanding the quirky behavior of octopuses, it never ceases to pique my curiosity. And it’s no surprise that it bagged the Best Italian Podcast award in 2016.

Suitable for: Those with an advanced understanding of Italian and a keen interest in science.

Rai Radio

Rai Radio has been a treasure trove for me as an advanced Italian learner. The station provides an extensive array of content, from sports and music to current news, allowing for full immersion in Italian language and culture.

What’s even more exciting is that Rai Radio doesn’t limit its offerings to adults; there are stations specifically designed for kids. This makes it a wonderful family resource for everyone to dive into the Italian language together.

Suitable for: Advanced learners.

There are so many Italian podcasts to choose from

That’s a lot!

I haven’t even scratched the surface of every Italian podcast available. These are just the ones I’ve found most useful.

If I’ve left any out, drop a comment below and share it.

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