11 YouTube Channels For Learning Korean You Should Follow

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11 YouTube Channels For Learning Korean You Should Follow

Over the past few years, interest in Korean culture and the Korean language has risen due to mega-hits like Squid Game, Parasite, and BTS.

This has increased interest in South Korea, and has motivated a lot of people to travel to Korea or even live there.

It’s also motivated many people to start learning Korean.

The good news is that there are many Korean resources available for those who want to learn the language.

If you do a simple search for Korean learning materials, you’ll likely come across many websites, courses, books, podcasts, etc.

Those can be great resources for many people, but studying with these materials can become taxing and boring.

To those who find themselves in a rut because they can’t bear to read or listen to another Korean lesson, I recommend YouTube videos.

Many YouTube channels are devoted to teaching Korean in an easy, fun, and effective way (which also makes them ideal for kids).

Check out the channels below to find one that matches your interest and learning style.

Best YouTube channels to learn Korean

1. Talk To Me In Korean

This is the most famous Korean study YouTube channel.

It has an impressive 1.5+ million subscribers and content aimed at all levels of learners.

This channel has hundreds of videos on a variety of topics.

If you’re interested in improving your conversation skills there are videos for that.

Do you feel like you’re lacking in the vocabulary area? There are plenty of videos to help with that.

Each video is high quality and while the main focus of this channel is Korean study, each video has a light feeling that makes the experience fun for the learner.

Talk To Me in Korean also has daily live lessons that viewers can participate in, though membership is required to access the lessons.

You can see what else this channel has to offer with the list below.

  • Live classes for members
  • Korean listening test
  • Korean listening practice
  • Songs made by TTMIK
  • Korean sentence structure explained
  • Korean expressions, vocabulary, and grammar
  • Korean culture
  • Hanja
  • Situational Korean
  • Challenges
  • Kpop song explanations
  • Study hacks/tips
  • Korean ASMR
  • Traditional Korean music
  • Trending topics in Korea
  • Book recommendations
  • Q & A
  • Drama reviews
  • Tongue twisters

2. Seemile Korean

Seemile is the second most popular Korean language learning channel with 1.5 million subscribers.

This channel is aimed at beginner and intermediate learners.

On Seemile you can find videos that teach vocabulary, expressions, and Korean culture.

While the videos do lack a little in quality, the content of each video is top quality.

Seemile has a few video series that set them apart from other YouTube channels, including videos that teach Korean through BTS’s names and nicknames, a video series that breaks down parts of the popular book “The Little Prince” and lessons that help students prepare to take the TOPIK I test.

Check out this channel yourself to see what else it has to offer.

  • Topik I prep
  • YouTube Shorts
  • Learn Korean with BTS
  • The Little Prince
  • Life as a foreigner in Seoul
  • Learn the Korean alphabet and how to read
  • Korean vocabulary and expressions
  • Lessons for English, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese speakers

3. Learn Korean with KoreanClass101.com

KoreanClass101.com is another well-known name in the Korean language learning world.

While this company is primarily website-focused, it also puts a lot of effort into making quality YouTube videos for Korean learners.

This channel has 1.44 million subscribers.

Its content is mostly geared toward beginner and intermediate learners, but an advanced learner can find some content that will benefit them too.

KoreanClass101.com has videos teaching a variety of topics ranging from fun-light videos about Korean culture or learning Korean with BTS to more serious videos about vocabulary and grammar.

While the video quality of this channel isn’t anything to write home about, they get the job done and are effective in teaching in an simple, understandable way.

  • Listening practice
  • Korean vocab, grammar and phrases.
  • Korean culture
  • Learn Korean with BTS
  • Live classes
  • Korean alphabet

4. Korean Unnie 한국언니

This channel is light, fun, and simple.

It has a total of 1.23 million followers and is geared towards beginner learners, though intermediate learners might be able to find some useful content too.

Korean Unnie’s videos are simple in that most of them are of her talking in front of a green screen, but despite the simplicity, every video feels high quality and fun.

Korean Unnie talks about a variety of topics on her channel including Korean grammar, vocabulary, expressions, and culture.

She also has Korean cooking, children’s songs, and vlog video series that set her apart from other YouTube channels.

If you learn better through lighter, more fun videos then this might be the channel for you.

  • Classes
  • Grammar, vocabulary, culture
  • Korean jokes
  • Hanja
  • A day in the life of a Korean
  • Tips and study habits
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Cooking Korean food
  • Learn Korean with k-pop
  • Korean slang
  • Korean children’s songs
  • Korean alphabet

5. Conversational Korean

Conversational Korean is different than other Korean Learning channels in that the videos are set up like an online class.

Each lesson is taught with animations or on a computer whiteboard.

The channel has 709K subscribers and focuses on beginner-level Korean.

On the conversational Korean channel you can find lessons on vocabulary, pronunciation, and conversational Korean.

The video quality of this channel isn’t the best, but each video’s content is solid.

If you’re looking for vidoes that make you feel like you’re in a classroom then this channel might be for you.

  • Listening practice
  • Korean grammar, vocab, phrases
  • Classes
  • Pronunciation
  • Quizzes
  • Natural conversation cartoon skits

6. Learn Korean with Go! Billy

This channel was created by Billy, an American who has been learning Korean for over 15 years.

Billy has a wide variety of videos.

In some of his videos he teaches Korean grammar, vocabulary, expressions and answers questions about learning Korean.

In other videos he interviews people, eats Korean food and travels Korea.

As you can see, Billy’s channel isn’t just for those who want to learn Korean, but also those interested in Korean culture.

In total Billy has over half a million subscribers.

His videos that teach Korean focus on beginner and intermediate levels.

Try this channel out if you like to learn not only Korean, but also about Korean culture.

  • Hanja
  • Honorifics
  • Live classes
  • Interviews
  • Korean food
  • Tips and tricks for learning Korean
  • Hangul
  • Korean culture
  • Lessons with pdfs
  • Korean phrases and Idioms

7. 빅키샘 Miss Vicky

This channel was created by a Korean teacher living in Korea.

Each video breaks apart different parts of the Korean language using a notebook and marker.

Miss Vicky clearly explains the Korean language while writing it out and drawing cute little characters.

Each video is set up as a lesson and can sometimes be up to an hour long.

While this channel definitely has a school like feeling, Miss Vicky makes it fun by including kpop songs and Korean TV shows.

This channel is for beginner and intermediate learners.

Miss Vicky has a total of 386k subscribers.

This channel is not for casual viewers, but for those who are ready to focus and even write stuff down while viewing.

Try giving this channel a view!

  • Podcast
  • Hanja
  • Korean sentence structure
  • Korean grammar
  • Games
  • Learn Korean with songs and tv shows
  • Vlogs
  • Mukbang
  • Korean learning tips
  • Korean lessons

8. Hailey_Your Korean Friend

Hailey is another Korean teacher from Korea who started her own YouTube channel to help those learning Korean.

Her channel teaches Korean expressions, vocab, grammar and culture in a light and fun way.

Some of the fun videos on her channel includes vlogs, YouTube shorts and make your own Korean name.

Hailey_Your Korean Friend has a total of 202k subscribers.

Her videos are aimed at beginner learners.

Hailey is more active in posting shorts than videos, so if you’re someone who likes to learn through short segments of learning, then Hailey’s channel will be a fun watch.

  • vlogs
  • Learn Korean alphabet
  • Make a Korean name
  • Learn Korean expression, vocab, grammar, and culture
  • Listen to basic Korean conversations
  • YouTube shorts

9. Learn Korean with Buster Moon

Buster Moon’s channel is mostly YouTube shorts, thought he does have full length videos explaining grammar, Korean sentence structure and the Korean alphabet.

In his YouTube shorts, Buster Moon will usually pick a topic and share a few expressions or words related to that topic.

Buster Moon has 205k subscribers and is geared towards beginner learners.

Check this channel out to learn a lot of fun Korean words and expressions in a short amount of time.

  • Korean alphabet
  • Basic Korean lessons
  • YouTube shorts about culture, vocab, expressions

10. Learn Korean in Korean

This channel is a mix of formal lessons and fun, less formal lessons.

Some videos feature Mr.

Kim, the creator of the channel, in front of a whiteboard teaching Korean grammar.

In others he shows fun clips from Korean media to explain different vocabulary and expressions.

Overall, each video is well-made and if you’re a beginner learner, you will find something here for you.


Kim has a total of 191k subscribers and counting.

Learn Korean in Korean stands out from other channels because it is completely in Korean.

But, if you’re Korean listening skills aren’t the greatest, dont worry, Mr.

Kim makes it easy for even the most novel learners to understand what he is teaching.

If you like a mix of fun and serious, and are a beginner learner, then give this channel a try.

  • Completely in Korean
  • Reading in Korean
  • Interviews
  • Korean alphabet
  • Beginner Korean lessons
  • Learn Korean with Korean pop culture
  • Korean grammar

11. Korean with Ina

Ina’s videos consist of travel vlogs and YouTube shorts.

With Ina’s videos the viewer can learn the basics of Korean along with Korean culture facts and fun expressions.

Each Short is less than a minute long and has the content being taught written in both Korean and English romanization.

Ina has about 108k subscribers.

Check out this channel for a fun and informative learning experience.

  • YouTube shorts
  • Travel vlogs
  • Korean recipes


These are my favorite YouTube channels for learning Korean.

Try checking a few out and let me know if I missed any good ones.

Combine these Korean channels with other resources (I shared a list of Korean apps if you need suggestions).

Happy Korean studies. 🇰🇷

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