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Review: Korean Stories For Language Learners [Traditional Folktales]

February 06, 2019
Korean Stories For Language Learners contains 42 short stories in Korean, with translations, comprehension exercises, vocab lists and full audio recordings.

Honest Integrated Korean Textbook Series Review - Is It Worth It?

October 28, 2016
You can buy expensive audio books and make multiple in-app purchases to learn Korean, or make one of the BEST investments that can easily be found in Integrated Korean and 'KLEAR' textbooks.

7 Things That Helped Me Pick Up Korean Quickly

March 02, 2016
Here are 7 useful things I learned that helped me pick up Korean quickly while I was living there for a year.

24 Best And Worst Online Korean Courses For 2021

February 10, 2016
Today I'm going to share my opinion as a Korean learner on the best online Korean courses available today (most popular course products).

Brutally Honest And Detailed Rocket Korean Review (2021 Edition)

October 25, 2013
Rocket Korean is a comprehensive, structured course thats suitable for most learning styles. This review will examine its content and method for fluency.

My 11 Month Progress Video Learning The Korean Language

September 18, 2013
I've been learning the Korean language now for 11 months and this a quick progress video of me speaking at my current level. Definitely getting better!

10 Reasons Why The Korean Language Being Difficult Isn't True

July 21, 2013
The Korean language isn’t as hard as you may think it is and here's 10 reasons why.

Preparing For TOPIK and Reflecting On a Tough Year in Korea

June 27, 2013
Going through emotional struggles while immersed abroad can be tough but it also brings you closer to the people and language you’re trying to connect with.

Things Every New Korean Language Learner Should Be Aware Of

February 24, 2013
I'm going to share a handful of fundamentals and things I''ve observed here that I believe everyone should be aware of when tackling the Korean language.

Learning Korean To Fluency - My 3 Month Progress Update

December 23, 2012
This week marks three months that I’ve been living and working in South Korea determined to become fluent in the Korean language.

Review: Talk To Me In Korean Lesson Books (With Video)

November 11, 2012
Today I've put together a very short video review of their latest books that are based on the highly popular lessons available for free on the TTMIK website.

3 Week Korean Language Progress (+ Alphabet Advice)

October 16, 2012
With today's post comes my very first progress video in Korean - of course it's really slow and full of mistakes but I'm determined to show you the 'warts and all' stages as I improve in the language.

Update On My First Week In Korea With A Video Of My Apartment

September 24, 2012
G'day from Korea! :) I thought I'd share a very quick 'first week in Korea' update with a video of my tiny apartment for anyone interested.

New Language Challenge Begins: Fluency In Korean

September 13, 2012
In just 3 short days I'll be boarding a plane to what will be likely be my new home and travel base for the next 12 months - South Korea.

Language Mission: Move To Korea And Learn Korean In One Year

April 29, 2012
I'm making preparations to move to South Korea and learn to speak Korean in one year. Here's how I plan to do it.

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