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13 Most Useful Japanese Translator Apps, Sites & Extensions

November 15, 2020
Looking for an English to Japanese translator? Here you'll find a list of the best Japanese translators (apps, sites and web extensions).

How To Order And Describe Sushi In Japanese (+ Read A Menu)

October 23, 2020
Want to learn how to order sushi in Japanese? If you're visiting Japan or heading to a Japanese restaurant, this guide will explain Japanese sushi types and menu items.

WaniKani Review: Excellent (But Ugly) Kanji + Vocab Trainer

September 24, 2020
This review of WaniKani examines its course quality and effectiveness, answering the questions: is WaniKani worth it? Does it work?

Learn Japanese Honorifics: How To Show Respect In Japanese

September 07, 2020
Japanese honorifics are titles that can be used to show respect and courtesy towards people of a 'superior' social status in Japan. Here's how to use them correctly.

Japanese Onomatopoeia: Guide To Mimetic Words, Manga + More

August 23, 2020
Using Japanese onomatopoeia, or words that imitate sounds, is a great way to add some flair and vivid descriptions to your Japanese speaking or writing.

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): What You Need To Know

June 30, 2018
The JLPT, or Japanese Language Proficiency Test, is designed to help newcomers to Japan or those who wish to work prove that they're proficient in Japanese.

Honest Review of Nakama 1 For Japanese, Third Edition

August 06, 2016
I had no idea about more complex sentences and phrases, idioms, etc. in Japanese until I used the Nakama 1 textbook.

Brutally Honest Rocket Japanese Review (2021)

September 14, 2015
In this Rocket Japanese review, I cover the comprehensive and structured course for all flexible learning styles. This is an honest analysis of its content.

30 Best And Worst Online Japanese Courses For 2021

June 16, 2015
Looking for the best online Japanese courses or classes? In this roundup, I'll share with you my list of the best and worst resources for Japanese.

There's No Babbel Japanese But Here Are Some Better Options

May 21, 2014
There currently is no Babbel Japanese but the good news is, there are some even better course and app alternatives for Japanese learners.

Best Apps To Learn Japanese In 2021 (Native Speaker Opinion)

June 16, 2013
Looking for the best apps to learn Japanese? In this roundup, I'll share with you my list of the best apps available for Japanese.

JapanesePod101 Review: An In-Depth And Detailed Look

November 13, 2011
This review of JapanesePod101 will closely examine its course quality and effectiveness, answering the questions: is JapanesePod101 worth it? Does it work?

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