How To Use Linux For Language Learning (Part 2: youtube-dl, mpv, qutebrowser + ranger bindings)

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This is a follow-on from Part 1 where I talked about managing and serving audio courses using mpd (+ncmpcpp) and on-the-fly command line translation.

In this screencast, I get into some of the joys of key bindings in qutebrowser and ranger.

Setting a few quick bindings with youtube-dl and mpv, you can make some fun little convenience hacks when working with videos on YouTube and subtitles to build your own collection of learning material.

In particular, I show how I’m attempting to use some simple scripts to automatically download, edit and load media content (incl. transcripts) directly into tools like Learning With Texts (see my next video).

One of the beautiful things about using Linux is that you can set up a swathe of useful scripts to save yourself a lot of time.

More screencasts to follow.

Featured in this video:

OS: Arch Linux
WM: i3 (i3-gaps to be specific)
Software: youtube-dl, mpv, qutebrowser, ranger
Also: AnkiSRS

The purpose of this particular setup:

  1. Speed and convenience. While there are sites out there that help you save videos and subs from YouTube, I prefer to be able hit a key and have it all automatically save, automatically edit and automatically add itself straight into a learning app like LWT.
  2. Minimizing distraction. Accessing learning content without the excessive distraction of sites like YouTube.
  3. Accessibility. Being able to build a learning material database and making it accessible to all my own devices.

Does this style of post/video interest you?

Make sure to let me know in the comment section so I know if I should do more of it in the future (or not!). 🙂

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