9 Best Sites To Find (And Schedule) Spanish Tutors

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9 Best Sites To Find (And Schedule) Spanish Tutors

Need a Spanish tutor?

There are several excellent platforms to find professional, native Spanish-speaking tutors to help you improve your Spanish skills.

Whether you live in a Spanish-speaking country or you’re studying at home, getting the support of a Spanish tutor is useful.

The good news is that you don’t have to attend in-person classes.

With the platforms I’ve listed here, you can find affordable Spanish tutors and schedule lessons easily.

Spanish tutoring services

I’ve selected my favorite sites for Spanish tutoring services and listed them in order of preference.

Let’s start.

1. Verbling

Verbling’s my first choice.

It offers tutoring services from native Spanish tutors across the globe. Spanish is just one of the platform’s 70 languages.

When you access Verbling, you’ll find that each tutor lists information about their expertise, location and the cost of their lessons. You can also find information about the gender of the tutors, the number of students they teach, the other languages they can speak, and the level they have reached with their second language.

With Verbling, it’s possible to book a free trial with a tutor to get familiar with the teacher and talk about your language learning aims. You can also access YouTube video introductions for each tutor to learn more about them.

Once you set up your lessons, your tutor will deliver personalised sessions focusing on your areas of interest or standard lessons based on a course. You can access session materials and interact with your tutor via video call software.

Pros of Verbling

  • Wide range of tutors located around the world
  • User-friendly website
  • Free trial options with most tutors

Cons of Verbling

  • Quality may not be consistent as each tutor has their method and rates

2. italki

With italki, you can choose from nearly 3,800 Spanish teachers to begin or continue your Spanish language learning journey. The tutors deliver 1-on-1 lessons customised to your requirements. Spanish is just one of the 150+ languages available on italki.

To begin your Spanish language lessons with an italki tutor, you can fill out a small form indicating your current Spanish language level and why you’re studying Spanish. You can then select the “Find my teacher” option to find a list of available tutors.

Teacher introduction videos, a short description of the tutor’s expertise and background, and the price of their sessions are available on the italki platform. With these details, you can choose a tutor that matches your learning style.

It’s possible to search for tutors using different filters, making it easy to choose a tutor with an accent that matches your target Spanish-speaking location.

You’ll notice that professional teachers and community tutors are available on italki. In contrast, professional tutors have a certification and deliver professional sessions, the community tutors offer informal sessions with native speakers.

Pros of italki

  • Wide range of tutors with professional and native experience
  • Learners can use italki on their mobile
  • Available in an app version
  • Podcasts and word list resources available

Cons of italki

  • Community tutors may not have professional experience

3. Preply

Although Preply offers lessons in a wide range of subject areas, including other languages, computer science, and math, the Preply platform has over 4,200 Spanish teachers available for you to choose from.

On Preply, you can select Spanish tutors from many Spanish-speaking countries, including Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and Colombia. It’s possible to indicate your preferred budget and browse each tutor’s ratings to select a tutor who best suits your requirements.

A free trial is possible with Preply. If you dislike your chosen teacher’s teaching style or feel the match is not ideal, you can also search for a different tutor at no cost.

Pros of Preply

  • A large number of Spanish tutors to choose from
  • Spanish tutors are available from many Spanish-speaking countries
  • Free trial available

Cons of Preply

  • The platform’s customer support is pretty awful

4. Wyzant

Wyzant is a general tutoring platform that offers tutoring services for various subjects, such as algebra and accounting. Spanish is included, and there are more than 1,400 Spanish tutors available.

When you check the list of Spanish tutors on Wyzant, you’ll see that the platform shows the number of hours each tutor has accrued and a rating out of 5 stars to help you choose one. You can also search for tutors using filters such as the tutor’s age, education, location and the price of their lessons.

Some tutors on the Wyzant platform offer face-to-face lessons in your local area, and most offer online sessions.

Pros of Wyzant

  • Face-to-face lessons are available, as well as online lessons
  • Mobile app version available
  • Wide range of qualified tutors located in your area

Cons of Wyzant

  • Some sessions may be overpriced

5. LiveLingua

Live Lingua is an online Spanish language tutor site where language learners can find native speakers and learn their target language from home. The platform offers English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese, as well as Spanish.

The unique thing about Live Lingua’s Spanish lessons is that private 1-on-1 lessons and small group lessons are available. In the group lessons, you can learn about different topics and study at different levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced options are available).

This platform offers sessions with tutors from Latin American countries, Mexico and Spain, all of whom have a university-level degree.

Trial lessons are available with Live Lingua - you can schedule a one-hour lesson for free to determine whether the session suits your learning style. Once you’ve decided to proceed, you can choose ordinary Spanish lessons, lessons suited for exam preparation, lessons focusing on the medical field, or Spanish language for tourists.

Pros of Live Lingua

  • Free trial lesson available
  • Specialised Spanish lessons available
  • Range of tutors with different dialects to choose from

Cons of Live Lingua

  • Price makes lessons inaccessible to some users

6. ClassGap

The tutors on the ClassGap site offer quality sessions. From A1 to C1 Spanish language lessons for colloquial, legal or business Spanish, you’ll find what you’re looking for on ClassGap.

You can search the platform using filters to select your preferred budget, the level you are currently at, or whether you want “native only” tutors.

The list of tutors you receive shows their rating, a summary of their teaching experience and educational background, and location. You can select tutors from Spain, Mexico, Argentina and many other Spanish-speaking countries.

Pros of ClassGap

  • More than 4,500 Spanish tutors to choose from
  • Specialised Spanish language sessions are available
  • Many tutors offer sessions for the DELE exams

Cons of ClassGap

  • Limited ways to get customer support or assistance

7. LanguaTalk

Using LanguaTalk, Spanish language learners can select Spanish tutors from Latin America and Spain after filtering their search and finding the ideal teacher. You can indicate why you want to study Spanish and your age to narrow your search criteria.

With LanguaTalk, you can book free trials before you commit to a tutor and check the ratings of the tutors on their profiles. Video introductions are available on the platform, and you can check the other languages each tutor is fluent in. Only approximately 10% of tutors who want to join LenguaTalk get selected.

Most lessons on LanguaTalk last 55 minutes, but it’s possible to choose a 30-minute lesson depending on the tutor. All the sessions are 1-on-1 over video call software, and the lesson style varies depending on the tutor’s experience and personality. Nearly every tutor on LanguaTalk is a native Spanish speaker and can speak English too.

Pros of LanguaTalk

  • Free trial available without a credit card
  • The platform carefully screens the tutors
  • Language learners can check the tutors’ reviews

Cons of LanguaTalk

  • Still quite new
  • Specialised Spanish topics aren’t available, such as medical Spanish

8. Spanish55

The Spanish55 platform aims to help Spanish language learners speak the language fluently. The site considers itself an alternative to self-study apps, which it suggests aren’t sufficient to help language learners become fluent.

Students can try the lessons for free during a 55-minute consultation. You can ask the tutor questions and explain your language learning goals to determine whether the teaching style and method match your learning style.

The main goal of the Spanish55 site is to encourage learners to speak a lot in Spanish. It offers the perks of interacting with an expert without the intensity of complete immersion in a Spanish-speaking country.

You can select a monthly subscription that aligns with your requirements, and if you ever need support, the platform offers excellent customer service.

Pros of Spanish55

  • Free consultation available to try the platform
  • Tutors have many years of teaching experience
  • Lessons focus on improving speaking skills

Cons of Spanish55

  • Limited ways to contact customer support

9. MyLingoTrip

When you use MyLingoTrip, you’ll notice that the tutors use a curriculum. This structure makes the platform similar to in-person or face-to-face Spanish classes that cover various topics.

MyLingoTrip differs from other platforms as you cannot choose your tutor; the platform will assign you a tutor once you have answered the enrolment questions. All the tutors on MyLingoTrip have experience and training and are native speakers.

A free trial is available on MyLingoTrip, and you can change your tutor if you think the lessons and teaching style do not match your learning style.

Pros of MyLingoTrip

  • The tutors follow a curriculum and cover many topics
  • MyLingoTrip is a user-friendly platform
  • The tutors have university degrees

Cons of MyLingoTrip

  • MyLingoTrip does not have advanced software - lessons happen over Skype

Choose an online Spanish tutor

If you’re keen to search for an online Spanish tutor but are unsure which factors to consider when choosing one, the filters on these platforms will help you.

But there are also two factors you should consider to get the best educational experience.

Consider their methodology

The teaching methods your tutor uses matter.

Consider whether your tutor’s methods align with your learning style.

For instance, you may prefer a more conversational lesson to perfect your Spanish speaking skills, or you may be a more visual learner and prefer visual aids.

Since there are many ways to learn a language, and some are more suitable for your language style than others, find a teacher whose style works for you.

Group tutoring vs 1-on-1

Whether group tutor sessions or 1-on-1 lessons are better depends on your motives and language learning goals.

While 1-on-1 Spanish lessons offer a more focused learning experience and fewer distractions from other learners, group lessons give you more opportunities to speak with other language learners.

You may learn Spanish faster in private 1-on-one sessions since all the materials are prepared specifically for your needs. You can ask questions and focus on your specific interests in the session.

However, in group sessions, you can interact with other learners every day to improve your speaking skills and make friends; the environment is more interactive and is similar to a real-life interaction where you may speak with many people.

Learning from other students as they struggle can actually be beneficial (Michel Thomas’ method demonstrated this quite well, for example).

Spanish tutoring is worth it

Don’t underestimate the value of regular tutoring.

Think of tutors as a vital, supplement to whatever Spanish course or class you’re taking and a good place to ask the questions you’re unable to ask in a formal lesson.

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