Spanish Uncovered (StoryLearning) Review: My Own Experience

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A comprehensive Spanish course that uses a unique story-based method for building language comprehension.
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Spanish Uncovered (StoryLearning)

Spanish Uncovered (StoryLearning)
Spanish Uncovered
Pricing: $297 up front or 3 x $99 monthly installments
  • Very comprehensive course content
  • 100+ guaranteed hours of material
  • Detailed grammar explanations
  • Native Spanish phonetics expert coaching
  • Teachable platform
  • Primarily a literacy-based course
  • Expensive


The Spanish Uncovered course extends on the extremely popular StoryLearning method by Olly Richards, applying a story-based teaching methodology that comprehensively covers Spanish up to an intermediate level. The course is ideal for those who enjoy a literacy and grammar-heavy approach, but may not be as enjoyable for other types of learners.

Overall, Spanish Uncovered is pricey but it offers great value.

If you’re learning Spanish, you may have heard about Spanish Uncovered | StoryLearning by Olly Richards (formerly I Will Teach You A Language).

Well I decided to use and briefly review this popular course recently.

Spanish Uncovered offers over 100 hours of content from absolute beginner up to (CEFR) intermediate. It’s an impressively comprehensive Spanish course in scope, covering pretty much every pertinent topic of Spanish for new learners, and it also includes video lessons by a native Spanish speaker and phonetics expert.

Olly’s taken a very unique approach to teaching based on story comprehension. The gist is that you’ll work through a simplified short story in Spanish, covering various grammatical topics as you go, with the end result being that you’ll have read an entire story in Spanish by the end of the course.

Frank opinion: This course style will suit people who enjoy a literacy, grammar-heavy approach (it’s very thorough with its explanations), but it may not be ideal if that’s not something you enjoy.

Many learners (myself included) prefer to learn through conversation/use, which this course unfortunately lacks.

The only other aspect of Spanish Uncovered that bothers me is the Teachable platform, but that’s a purely aesthetic issue.

Overall, Spanish Uncovered is excellent value - a little pricey for sure, but it’s a one-time payment ($297) rather than a recurring subscription (there’s also the option of 3 x monthly installments).

There are alternative online Spanish courses available too worth checking out.

Spanish Uncovered
Pricing: $297 up front or 3 x $99 monthly installments
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