Best YouTube Channels To Learn Greek In 2024

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Best YouTube Channels To Learn Greek In 2024

If you want to learn Greek, there are plenty of quality YouTube channels that will help you get started.

Some channels focus on tourist Greek, while others will delve a little more deeply into the grammar, or focus on the alphabet.

In this piece, I’ve rounded up my favorite YouTube channels to learn Greek, which I’ve sorted according to how helpful I think they’ll be for most beginner learners.

That said, unlike our roundup of the best YouTube channels for learning French, there are far fewer channels to choose from.

Greek just isn’t as popular a language for learners, getting nowhere near the popularity of languages like French, Spanish or German.

However, there are some excellent channels to help you learn Greek, so let’s get started.

Best YouTube channels to help you learn Greek


By far the biggest Greek-language YouTube channel is GreekPod101, which is part of a much larger family of language-learning systems.

For example, we discuss GermanPod101 in our roundup of YouTube channels for learning German.

As with German, GreekPod101 offers a large number of videos on a range of topics, sorted by subject.

It focuses mainly on beginner topics, such as an in-depth guide on learning the Greek alphabet or several smaller guides on specific issues.

Overall, the videos are professional and slick, but their scope is a little limited.

While there are plenty of videos on how to say hi and bye in Greek, for example, there’s little discussion on how Greek grammar works.

Also, the channel doesn’t seem to be updated very regularly; most of the latest videos we saw were advertorials for GreekPod101’s classes.

Still, though, it’s one of the most comprehensive Greek channels out there, and we recommend you at least check it out.

Easy Greek

The next Greek YouTube channel is Easy Greek, which is also a recurring guest of this type of roundup.

The Easy Languages formula is simple: go out to the streets of any given country and ask people a host of questions about random topics.

Watching the resulting videos is a great way to train your ear for the sounds of a language, not to mention the different dialects, and we really like this approach.

Easy Greek is a particularly good example of this approach as the Greeks are a chatty, gregarious people and some of the videos are just plain hilarious.
No matter if the Easy Greek team is on the streets of Athens or in some Cretan village, they get some really great replies out of people.

If you want to get to know Greek as a living, breathing language and pick up a bit about the culture as you go, Easy Greek is a great channel.

However, it’s definitely a companion to a proper language learning method, as you won’t be able to figure out the nuts and bolts of Greek by just listening — unless you’re a polyglot genius.

Learn Greek with Lina

Next up is Learn Greek with Lina, which is a channel that’s still very much a work in progress.

Many of the series of videos are as yet unfinished, and there’s a curious mix of hardcore grammar videos and more relaxed tutorial on tourist Greek.

That said, what’s there is pretty good, and it’s one of the few channels I’ve seen that actually takes the time to go through grammar in detail.

For example, Lina breaks down some irregular verbs, while also going over rules surrounding stress and the like.

As these are some of the trickier aspects of Greek — something we go over in my article on why Greek is easy to learn — it’s good to see videos talking about that.

I also really like the Greek alphabet course, so if that’s something you’re interested in, this channel is a solid choice.


If you’re a fan of “slow” language videos, then LinguaTree is a great channel.

The majority of the channel’s content is dedicated going over an aspect of Greek language or culture in a very slow, relaxed tone that makes it very easy for learners to understand what’s going on.

Since most Greek speakers have a tendency to fire words at you at a pretty fast clip, having slow Greek videos is a great stepping stone to improving your listening skills.

Instead of the agglutinated mess that’s everyday Greek, you get clearly enunciated stories that should help you get over the hump and get you understanding the language a lot better.

Subjects are wide and varied, from how Greek Christmas works to discussing what you did on the beach.

There are a handful of videos focused on learning one aspect of Greek grammar and they’re pretty good, but the channel’s strength is definitely the slow videos.

I recommend you check LinguaTree out if you’re working on your understanding of spoken Greek.

Do You Speak Greek?

If you’re looking for a channel that focuses on natural language acquisition without bothering too much with the details of grammar, then Do You Speak Greek? may be a good option for you.

The presenter is very lively and goes over many common, everyday interactions in a realistic way.

The goal is to work on your fluency, which for most people most of the time is probably the best goal, anyway: many people will have the booksmarts, but can’t order in restaurants.

What’s also nice about Do You Speak Greek? is that it offers you small tests you can take to measure your progress.

These are helpful in determining not only how you’re doing, but can also keep you motivated through a sense of accomplishment.

This channel is a great starting point for anybody that has just set out to learn Greek and learners of all levels should at least check it out.


Helinika is an interesting channel: it focuses a lot less on language learning, opting instead to dedicate its videos to Greek culture, ancient and modern.

If you’re looking for a Greek course that will teach you the language from alpha to omega, this isn’t it.

Instead, you’ll find lists of interesting Greek-language films, information about the ancient Greek pantheon and random bits of lore from all over Greece’s long history.

On top of that, there’s also tips for travelers in Greece, including advice on interesting places to travel — there’s more to do than just gawk at the Parthenon and get sunburnt on the beach.

Overall, while Helinika won’t sharpen your grammar or massively expand your vocabulary, it will help you get a little more grounded in what Greek culture has to offer.

As immersion is a great way to learn any language, Helinika is definitely a good channel to check out.


Omilo Greek Language and Culture is another slick entrant, offering videos that were clearly produced by a team.

While there is a lot to like here, it’s another channel that focuses more on the cultural aspect rather than the language.

While it does offer videos on language-learning, they don’t constitute a full course, but are instead part of a paid curriculum you can access via Omilo’s own site.

As such, if you’re looking for a YouTube course, Omilo is best used only as an extra resource.

That said, we like its video on Greek proverbs and the like, and how it goes over the intricacies of Greek culture.

If you want something to supplement your Greek language course, this channel is worth a look.

Learn Greek with Katerina

Another channel that does a little bit of everything is Learn Greek with Katerina.

The titular Katerina does a pretty good job of going over Greek’s many trickier aspects, and I especially like her series on Greek pronouns.

These can be pretty difficult, and it’s nice to see that somebody dedicated a whole series to them.

I also like the different videos in which she acts out dialogues or discusses aspects of Greek culture with her friends, which makes the language feel a little more alive.

However, like most entries in this list, a course that guides you through the Greek language from beginning to end is lacking.

On top of that, some of the videos are a bit low in quality, which is a shame.

All that said, though, Learn Greek with Katerina is definitely a channel worth checking out.

The Online Greek Tutor

The Online Greek Tutor is a channel with some good intentions, but some issues with execution.

Generally, the lessons are clear and executed well: there seems to be a clear lesson plan and you can understand pretty well how Greek works from the videos.

However, the team behind the channel seems to have some issues with their video and audio equipment, so the footage is a little grainy at times and the audio is a little unpredictable.

Also, some of the lessons seem to be missing from the course lists, which is a shame as it makes it hard to follow along with what is happening.

Still, though, for some specific issues, like Cypriot Greek, it’s a handy resource to know.

Miss Ruby

Finally there’s a channel simply called Miss Ruby, which seems to be defunct: at time of writing, the last upload was eight months ago.

What’s there, however, is pretty good stuff: the presenter goes over some of the intricacies of Greek grammar at a slow, clear pace.

It goes pretty deep at times, so if you’re a grammar nerd you may want to check out this channel. Maybe, with luck, Miss Ruby will start uploading again.

These Greek YouTube channels should offer enough to get you well on the road to learning Greek.

Any other YouTube channels that should be on this list?

Let me know in the comments below, and good luck!

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