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French Accent Marks For Beginners (+ How To Type On PC And Mac)

January 27, 2020
Today we’ll take a look at some of the French language (and our keyboard)’s most well-hidden secrets: the French accent marks.

Spanish Accent Marks For Beginners (+ How To Type Them)

May 29, 2019
Unlike many other languages, there is not a variety of different Spanish accent marks. In fact there’s only one true accent mark that’s used - the tilde.

10 Hardest Things About Learning Spanish (+ How To Learn Them Easily)

February 08, 2018
Spanish is really easy to learn. Let's take a look at some of these harder aspects of learning Spanish from the perspective of a native speaker of English.

3 Challenging Features Of The Russian Language And How To Overcome Them

September 18, 2017
This article will identify three tough features of the Russian language and give you tips for mastering them.

How To Tell The Difference Between European And Brazilian Portuguese

March 21, 2017
Although Brazil and Portugal share the greater part of the language, there are many variations both spoken and written.

How To Speak A Foreign Language Without An Accent

December 16, 2016
Listening to how native speakers pronounce words, letters, even phrases helped me with the second change I made, which was to mimic what I heard native speakers do.

10 Reasons Why The Russian Language Isn't That Difficult

April 22, 2016
Today I'm going to convince you that Russian is actually far easier to learn than you've been led to believe.

How Different Is Moroccan Arabic To The Other Dialects, Really?

January 20, 2016
This will help you if you're switching Arabic dialects to Moroccan or considering which dialect to learn.

How To Learn Spanish In One Month

December 01, 2015
The most important thing when learning to speak Spanish is actually speaking Spanish.

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