Mon Chéri Meaning (French): Translation & How To Use It

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Mon Chéri Meaning (French): Translation & How To Use It

If you’re familiar with French films, songs and popular culture, you’ve no doubt heard the expression mon chéri at some point.

It would have to be one of the most universally known French expressions.

But what does it mean? In this guide, I’ll explain mon chéri and its usage for you.

What does mon chéri mean?

Chéri literally means “cherished”. It’s an endearing French term that equates to “dear” or “beloved” in English. Mon means “my”.

Mon chéri is the masculine form of this term, so it is only used when addressing a man.

Using mon chéri for women and groups

To use this term correctly when addressing a woman or groups of people, see this table.

Note the possessive adjective differences. (mon, ma and mes).

Male (singular)Mon chériMy love / dear
Female (singular)Ma chérieMy love / dear
Male and female (plural)Mes chérisMy loves / dears
Male only (plural)Mes chérisMy loves / dears
Female only (plural)Mes chériesMy loves / dears

One thing you’ll notice here is that for groups containing both genders (male and female), even if it is predominantly female, mes chéris is used.

Culturally appropriate usage of mon chéri (mon chéri vs mon chér)

One thing that’s important to highlight is that the trailing i makes this term more intimate and endearing.

Using mon chér (or ma chère) is a polite and safe way to address friends who you don’t have a strong, intimate relationship with.

Example sentences

Here are some example sentences using mon chéri and its variations.

Addressing one man:

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Mon chéri, tu es l’amour de ma vie.

My love, you are the love of my life.

Addressing one woman:

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Ma chérie, tu es la plus belle.

My darling, you are the most beautiful.

Addressing multiple women:

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Mes chéries, vous êtes toutes magnifiques ce soir.

My loves, you all look beautiful tonight.

Addressing multiple men:

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Mes chéris, je suis fier de vous.

My loves, I am proud of you all.

Addressing a group of men and women:

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Mes chéris et mes chéries, je vous souhaite une bonne soirée.

My loves, I wish you all a good evening.

And for the less intimate mon chèr alternative:

Addressing one man:

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Mon chèr ami, comment vas-tu?

My dear friend, how are you?

Addressing one woman:

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Ma chère madame, je suis désolé pour le retard.

My dear madam, I am sorry for the delay.

Addressing multiple women:

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Mes chères dames, je vous présente mes sincères salutations.

My dear ladies, please accept my sincere greetings.

Addressing multiple men:

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Mes chers messieurs, merci pour votre collaboration.

My dear gentlemen, thank you for your cooperation.

Addressing a group of men and women:

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Mes chers amis, je vous invite à ma fête ce samedi.

My dear friends, I invite you to my party this Saturday.

The etymology of chéri

As I already mentioned, chéri literally means “cherished” in French (the verb is chérir).

It originates from the Latin word carus, meaning “beloved”.

Key takeaways

Make sure to only use mon chéri (and its grammatical variations) with people you have an intimate relationship with.

For friends who aren’t that close, drop the -i and stick to mon chèr instead.

Make sure to learn the gender and number changes depending on who you’re talking to, and remember that if there’s one man in a group of women, treat the group as masculine.

Also check out my guide on how to say I love you in French.

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