Now Hiring: Language Learners And Polyglot Writers/Content Creators

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Now Hiring: Language Learners And Polyglot Writers/Content Creators

UPDATE: I’m hiring again. Jump to the details.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a personal update for you guys.

I really appreciate the emails and PM’s I regularly get from readers checking in for updates from me.

It always means a lot when you remind me that I’m missed! 🙂

Among other things, we’re right in the middle of a massive transition at the moment.

I’ve been living here in California for over 3 years with my wife and two kids, and we’re about to head back to Australia for a long (and much needed) break.

This has been the longest period in my adult life of being settled in one place.

It’s been enormously challenging for me.

Perhaps somebody can relate to this: when you spend many years moving around, living out of a suitcase and doing the digital nomad thing, settled life is a brutal adjustment (especially in a place like California that I’ve never been particularly fond of).

We’ve done short travel to Jordan, Australia and Ireland, but still based in one place for a long time.

The emotional and professional challenges of transitioning from a nomadic to a settled life

The hardest thing is, the new friends you make in the place you settle can never fully relate to your experiences.

You sort of feel like a permanent outsider.

While I had reached a point where I was done with travel (sick to death of all the moving around), there’s also a part of me that misses the fresh changes in atmosphere. I consider it a curse of sorts that you can never be 100% satisfied with either option.

In fact, I’ve even said before that a part of me is envious of people who never travel because they remain content with a much less complicated life.

So there have been emotional challenges, and honestly I’ve just felt dry and in need of a serious recharge which is why we’re traveling more this year (starting with our trip home).

On a professional level, I work with languages and people from different cultures.

It’s always been my passion.

But I’ve been living in California which doesn’t afford me enough opportunity to engage in person with the communities I love (plenty of Mexican communities but I have virtually no interest in learning Spanish currently).

Communicating online with native speakers is great but it has its limits.

I miss the frequent in-person interactions and opportunities to hang out with target language communities.

Especially Arabs.

Many of my closest Arabic-speaking friends are in Australia so I’m looking forward to spending time with them again.

I’m now hiring content creators who love language learning and cultural immersion

I’m working on some exciting, new language projects this year.

But these projects (and the moving) currently have me spread thin in terms of the amount of work I can physically do on this blog.

So I’m on the lookout for some language learning/polyglot superstars who are passionate about sharing their experiences and good at writing creative content.

These are paid and ongoing writing opportunities (specific details for the right applicants).

I pay above the industry average for writers and content contributors.

Writers on any target language can be considered.

For an idea of the kind of content I accept, you can see my guest post guidelines.

NOTE: I immediately delete article submissions from companies, and writers who don’t appear to be genuinely passionate about language learning.

You will:

  • Ideally have a language blog of your own (but not essential).
  • Be experienced learning a particular language or languages (absolutely essential).
  • Be familiar with current trends in language learning, products, problems/solutions, etc.
  • Be a great writer with a good personality in your writing.
  • Ideally be a seasoned traveler.
  • Ideally be aware of things like SEO (knowing how to find what people are searching for and answer those questions) — not essential.

Your job will entail:

  • Producing several, high quality articles for this site per month (usually ranging anywhere from 1200 – 3000 words in length).
  • Completing article topics that I’ve specifically laid out.
  • Creatively coming up with your own topic ideas for areas that interest you personally.
  • Researching and reviewing various products related to the language you’re learning (which you will be provided access to).
  • Researching trends (social media, news), SEO.

To apply, all you have to do is contact me here.

I’ll request a test article from you.

Markdown (.md) is now the only format I accept. It’s very easy to do – see this guide.

This test article can be you sharing an experience you’ve had with your target language, a mini-review of a product or book you’ve used or an informational piece about some aspect of your target language.

Minimum 600 words (enough that I can judge the quality of your writing).


Any submissions that don’t follow simple instructions won’t receive a reply.

I’ll respond as soon as possible.

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