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[#25] How To Benefit From Language Immersion

How To Benefit From Language Immersion

In this episode, I share some important advice for anyone wanting or planning to go on a language immersion trip abroad in order to get the most out of the trip.


  • “Necessity” is key. You’re much more likely to succeed if you need a language as opposed to just wanting it.
  • Put yourself in places that will make necessity more likely.
  • Don’t study while you’re on an immersion trip. Do that at home.
  • Take advantage of the language that’s alive all around you.
  • Don’t associate with expats or foreigners (speakers of your language). If you must, make sure you always include the target language community in outings.
  • Homestays are excellent (living with a target language family). Especially if members of the family can’t speak English.
  • Hang out in places where you’re the only foreigner. Be intentional about where you spend your time.
  • Keep a notebook and pen on you at all times.
  • Find a teacher who uses a communicative teaching methodology.
  • Volunteer to teach English while you’re there – it’s a great way to make friends and also to exchange languages.

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"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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