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[Ep. #24] How Australian English Came To Be

In this episode, I talk about my own variety of English (Australian), how it evolved into what it is today and why it’s the best English variety on earth.


  • American and British English have regional or geographical varieties (e.g. an American from Texas speaks very different to someone from New York).
  • Australian English is different – accents are more related to socioeconomic status.
  • There are 3 varieties of Aussie English – Broad, General and Cultivated.
  • Broad is the most famous and stereotypical accent, used by people like the late, great Steve Irwin (crocodile hunter).
  • Australian English is full of diminutives (shortening of words).
  • Some of the main sources of Aussie English are the Irish, English Cockneys and the Australian aborigines.

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