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[Ep. #31] How A One Year Old Learns To Speak


  • As an Applied Linguistics student, I always looked forward to the day I had my own kids so I could study their language development.
  • I’ve been closely watching and taking notes on my one year old son’s language which has been eye-opening.
  • Academics are frankly wrong when they dismiss the idea of applying 1st language learning to 2nd language learning.
  • Children are not superhuman.
  • Children attempt to imitate what they hear and don’t care if they get it wrong.
  • My son learned sign language at 10 months old.
  • Listening comprehension precedes speaking in the case of children.
  • Prominent sounds correspond directly to meaning.

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Resources: Check out the Little Pim series on Amazon if you have kids (it’s a children’s series created by Paul Pimsleur’s daughter).

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Donovan Nagel
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