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[Ep. #30] How To Teach Koine Greek Properly


  • I previously shared my goal of relearning Koine Greek alongside Modern Greek to see how they benefit each other.
  • I’ve been reflecting on my course and learning materials while asking myself how it can be better taught.
  • One of the main problems is that students are expected to translate advanced, deeply abstract concepts within a very short amount of time.
  • No modern language course starts from zero knowledge and expects advanced level comprehension in a 12 week span – so why should Koine be any different?
  • Once again I blame grammar study and a backward approach to learning.
  • Ancient languages must – where possible – be learned as living languages. Translation should be taught after a measure of fluency is already reached.
  • The key is to learn through chunking – learning patterns and blocks rather than rules.
  • Highly repetitive listening to small bites is vital.

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  1. Hi Donovan,

    I am an undergrad senior writing my senior thesis on how to make Koine Greek easier to learn and more attractive to students in the age of biblical languages not being required in Christian schools and seminaries. My initial idea was similar to what you say about treating the language as close to a living language as possible, and learning to speak and think in it before trying to exegete truths from scripture.

    How has your work in Koine been? I realize it’s been a while since you’ve posted this content, but if you’re available, I would love to interact a bit!

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