How To Teach Koine Greek Properly
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[30] How To Teach Koine Greek Properly

How To Teach Koine Greek Properly


  • I previously shared my goal of relearning Koine Greek alongside Modern Greek to see how they benefit each other.
  • I’ve been reflecting on my course and learning materials while asking myself how it can be better taught.
  • One of the main problems is that students are expected to translate advanced, deeply abstract concepts within a very short amount of time.
  • No modern language course starts from zero knowledge and expects advanced level comprehension in a 12 week span – so why should Koine be any different?
  • Once again I blame grammar study and a backward approach to learning.
  • Ancient languages must – where possible – be learned as living languages. Translation should be taught after a measure of fluency is already reached.
  • The key is to learn through chunking – learning patterns and blocks rather than rules.
  • Highly repetitive listening to small bites is vital.

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