Is Moroccan Arabic *Actually* Arabic?
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[18] Is Moroccan Arabic *Actually* Arabic?

In this episode, I talk about Moroccan Arabic and address its similarities and differences compared to other Arabic dialects.

Is it accurate to call it ‘Arabic’?


  • It’s common to hear people say that Moroccan Arabic is like a completely separate language.
  • Moroccan is the most ‘geographically limiting’ dialect.
  • Even native Arabic speakers struggle with it.
  • While speaking Moroccan may not be important to you, it’s important to be able to grasp the dialect (listening comprehension).
  • Consonant clusters and vowel variation take time to adjust to.
  • Moroccan syntax is actually only slightly different to other dialects.
  • Moroccan is full of Berber, French and Spanish influence.

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Is Moroccan Arabic *Actually* Arabic?
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- Ludwig Wittgenstein
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