Spanish For Business: Great Resources For Professionals

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Spanish For Business: Great Resources For Professionals

Whether it’s for international negotiations, conference calls or speaking to colleagues in your office in a Spanish speaking country, you’re going to need - or at least benefit from - business Spanish.

What can you do to ensure your business Spanish skills are adequate?

You’ll need to get your hands on a few business Spanish resources to improve your skills. Finding appropriate resources is your first challenge.

This list of resources should serve as a useful starting point to advance your business Spanish language skills.

Note: I recommend checking out this comprehensive list of the best Spanish online courses as well.

Why learn business Spanish?

If you’re entering a new profession or starting a role abroad in a Spanish-speaking country, at some point you’ll need get business terminology under your belt.

Obviously, much of what you focus on may depend on the industry you’re in (e.g. see our guide on medical Spanish), but there are common themes you’ll need to learn regardless.

Business Spanish can also help you make lasting business connections, build relationships with colleagues and achieve promotions.

Resources for business Spanish: apps, coursebooks and vocabulary lists

Let’s take a look at some top Spanish resources that will help you learn business Spanish confidently.

These resources include apps, coursebooks and vocabulary lists.

Spanish Words Learn Español (app)

The Spanish Words Learn Español app has a range of content to help you learn Spanish, including a business Spanish section.

With this app you can:

  • Create vocabulary lists
  • Complete quizzes for vocabulary, and
  • Adjust the way you learn (with personalisation)

Spanish Words Learn Español has audios to help you understand how to pronounce new vocabulary.

It is less focused on grammar and prioritises vocabulary over anything else.

So, if you need to revise your business Spanish vocabulary and knowledge, take a look at Spanish Words Learn Español.

Mosalingua (app)

Mosalingua is a Spanish language app (see review) that has a particular ‘business’ Spanish version.

It’s ideal if you lack sufficient time to practice and has an emphasis on both language skills and critical business Spanish vocabulary.

Use it to create flashcards or learn from the existing flashcards for professional Spanish - of which there are more than 2,000.

You can also study using audio clips to help you hone your pronunciation.

Some of the topics covered by Mosalingua’s Spanish app include:

  • Meeting visitors
  • Technology at work
  • Human resources, and
  • Logistics and manufacturing

You’ll even notice other topics such as management, finance and accounting, marketing and customer services.

As you study each of these professional areas in as little as 10 minutes per day, you can track your progress.

This app can even be used offline!

Spanish for travel & business (app)

The great thing about the Spanish For Travel & Business app is that it has levels for beginners and advanced-level business Spanish language learners.

To master the pronunciation of phrases used in the business Spanish field, you’ll be able to record your own speech using the speech recognition tool.

Other features of this Spanish app include the ability to get verb conjugations instantly, learn entire phrases, instead of individual words and monitor your progress with a leader board.

Spanish for Business: Español profesional, curso de español de negocios DELE B2 (book)

This DELE coursebook is the accompanying content for the DELE B2 test.

It helps you develop skills in the four essential assessment areas for business Spanish:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Writing expression and
  • Speaking expression

With this coursebook resource, there’s a range of topics.

As well as online negotiations, you’ll become confident with topics such as international expansion and the growth of a company.

It will prepare you for the DELE B2 exam and even contains a model exam towards the end of the coursebook for this purpose.

Business Spanish: Learn Conversational Spanish For Business Professionals (book)

In business settings, conversational skills are essential, helping you to understand, negotiate or communicate with your jefe/a (boss).

This is what Business Spanish will teach you, regardless of which Spanish speaking country you work in.

Whether you need to speak with clients in Spain or communicate with offshore teams in South America, Business Spanish is the ideal coursebook resource.

Some of the specific content covered in this business Spanish resource for professionals include:

  • Confident interviews
  • The recruitment process
  • Marketing, and
  • Strict deadlines

Business Spanish 4 - Parallel Text - Finance & Accounting: Short Stories (English - Spanish) (book)

Getting to grips with business Spanish vocabulary for the finance and accounting field is simple with this resource.

These texts will help you revise your key Spanish business phrases; for this reason, it is a great resource for intermediate learners.

The texts contained in Business Spanish 4 are parallel texts.

So, this Spanish resource for professionals will give you content in Spanish and in your native language.

250+ Spanish Words for Construction Industry Professionals (English Edition) (Kindle)

The set of vocabulary you’ll learn in this Spanish resource for professionals is wide-ranging.

250+ Spanish Words contains more than 250 words that are specifically used in the construction industry.

You’ll be able to review your existing knowledge with various review notes.

This resource is simple, yet effective, and good for those just entering the profession.

123 Teach Me vocabulary lists and quizzes

The 123 Teach Me business Spanish course for professionals features a large set of flashcards.

These flashcards will teach you the vocabulary you need if you’re just entering the world of work.

Each flashcard has an image, making it simpler to recall the vocabulary you learn.

There’s more to the 123 Teach Me Spanish resource; you’ll find a section for dialogues, made up of sentences and images.

There are also verb flashcards, quizzes for the business vocabulary you learn and quizzes for the Spanish verb conjugations. vocabulary list

Another Spanish resource for professionals is Business Spanish, which features plenty of vocabulary for the business world.

If you’re looking for something specific, you’ll find it in one of the subsections of Business Spanish.

Glossika vocabulary list

On the Glossika website there’s loads of useful workplace Spanish content.

Alongside these cultural insights, you’ll discover a vast selection of starter business Spanish vocabulary in their vocabulary list.

The vocabulary is great for beginners who are just entering a profession in Spain.

Whether you need to ask what time a colleague is available for a meeting or ask that a colleague is more explicit in their instructions, you’ll find these answers in this Spanish resource. vocabulary list

Much of the communication we initiate in business settings starts with an email.

To enhance your knowledge of email etiquette and how it relates to Spanish in the workforce, has a vocabulary list resource to help you.

Their table of opening sentences and written email dialogue starters are wide-ranging. You’ll notice that each is labelled with a level of formalness.

Need to know whether to close the email with the word respetuosamente or saludos?

Take a look at this Spanish resource to help you.

So, if your goal is to brush up on email openers, closing sentences that you might write or ways to be direct, this is where you’ll discover more.

Langbox vocabulary list

Another site worth checking out is Langbox which has several resource lists for learning business Spanish.

Their vocabulary list contains the essential phrases that you should know.

It also features vocabulary and sentences for the following themes:

  • Company departments
  • Making business negotiations
  • Recruitment and hiring
  • Business Spanish language related to finance, and
  • Marketing language

Get better at Spanish as a professional

So, this covers some great go-to resources for business Spanish.

If you’re a beginner, the apps listed here are a good starting point.

For intermediate-level business Spanish or something more comprehensive, take a look at some B2 level Spanish coursebooks mentioned above.

The list of career options for Spanish speakers is growing, so it’s an incredibly valuable asset to work on.

Have you got any other resources you would like to see listed here?

Add them in the comments below!

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