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Rocket Spanish Review: In-Depth And Detailed (2021 Edition)

February 02, 2016
In this review, you'll see Rocket Spanish is a viable competitor to Rosetta Stone Spanish due to its top quality audio lessons and extensive topic coverage.

Brutally Honest Rocket German Review (2021 Edition)

January 02, 2016
This review will put the quality and comprehensiveness of the popular Rocket German premium course under the microscope.

Brutally Honest Rocket Japanese Review (2021)

September 14, 2015
In this Rocket Japanese review, I cover the comprehensive and structured course for all flexible learning styles. This is an honest analysis of its content.

The Most Honest Rocket Chinese Review Ever Written (2021)

September 12, 2015
Mandarin Chinese
Rocket Chinese, part of the Rocket Languages series, has been a fairly well-known name in language learning for more than 15 years now.

Rocket French Review 2021 Edition: An Honest Look

June 02, 2015
Today I'm going to share my Rocket French review with you (one of the popular editions of the Rocket Languages series) as well as some of its pros and cons.

Rocket Italian Review (2021): I Tested The Course Thoroughly

April 13, 2015
This Rocket Italian review looks at the slightly high-end cost of the course, pros and cons, quality and whether or not its worth the money.

Rocket Russian Review (2021 Edition) - Fair And Balanced

April 01, 2015
Rocket Russian is a detailed and structured course that suits most learning styles. This review will dive deep into its content and method.

The Most Frank And Honest Rocket Languages Review Ever Written

July 02, 2014
If you've ever spent time searching online for language learning resources then there's a good chance you've already stumbled upon Rocket Languages at some point.

Brutally Honest Rocket Arabic Review (2021 Edition)

March 19, 2014
The comprehensiveness of the lessons and the high quality, natural Egyptian dialogues in Rocket Arabic outweigh its few negative points.

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