Language Learning Goals Despite Uncertainty (+ Relaunch Coming!)

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No lengthy post today.

Just a video where I share a personal update on our current situation and some deep reflection on the issue of language learning goals despite uncertainty.

It’s very difficult to make progress toward anything or plan for the future when it all seems so uncertain.

Every week there seem to be new forecasts:

International travel expected to resume by January 2021.

Experts say international travel will return to normal by 2024.

International travel “not for the forseeable future”.

One of the questions I raise in the video is what if we were a lucky generation to be able to freely travel everywhere?

What if my son’s generation won’t experience that?

Hopefully that’s not the case and this time next year, or two years from now, we’re all freely holidaying again with COVID-19 lockdowns being nothing but a bad memory.

What do you think?

In any case, I’m starting a new language mission for the remainder of 2020 with a hopeful travel goal next year (if travel bans lift).

I’ll announce that soon.

The Mezzofanti Guild is being completely relaunched

Exciting news.

I’m relaunching The Mezzofanti Guild (after several years of dormancy) at the end of next week with a brand new site.

I’ve been working overtime for the past few months to redevelop MezzoGuild while also hiring content creators for the new platform. I’m happy to say it’s almost complete.

As part of the relaunch of the site, I’ll be beginning to roll out some new, innovative additions that I’ve been conceptualizing for quite some time.

I won’t go into details now but look out for specific details on release day.

To top that off, I’ve reassumed management of after 3 years and will be releasing a major overhaul of that platform in the coming month. More on that announcement later (subscribe to my email list to be the first to hear about it).

How do you stay motivated with so much uncertainty over travel?

Any language goals for the remainder of 2020?

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