26 Best Apps To Learn Hindi In 2024 (Tried And Tested)

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26 Best Apps To Learn Hindi In 2024 (Tried And Tested)

The number of people downloading apps to learn a new language has increased exponentially in recent years.

Sensor Tower reported that in 2021, language apps in Europe alone reached a staggering 71 million downloads.

In 2023, these downloads have already surpassed 20 million.

Apps have become one of the most popular ways to learn languages like Hindi.

But with so many apps available, which one is best for you?

Don’t worry - I’ve done all the downloading and reviewing for you to put this list together. Do you learn best through flashcards? I’ve got you covered. Are you an auditory learner and not a visual learner? No problem.

Read on to find the perfect Apple and Android apps to learn Hindi.

What are the best apps for learning Hindi through gamification?


Duolingo is not just the most popular language app in the world - it’s way ahead of the competition. And that is partly to do with their gamification and reward system.

You can also expect leaderboards to encourage competition with fellow Hindi learners.

Its speech recognition software needs improvement. Sometimes you will say something wrong, and it will still mark you as correct. Other times you know you’ve pronounced something correctly, but it still says you’re wrong.

Duolingo is free to use, although this will mean that your learning is slowed down with ads. You can remove these ads, and get additional content, by purchasing a subscription.

Read our Duolingo review.


Drops is a popular app that also uses games to facilitate learning (although not as extensively as Duolingo).

It will teach you key phrases and words focusing on conversational Hindi. You will therefore not study grammar, although you will practice it.

As with Duolingo, Drops is free to use, but you’re limited to five minutes per day. To increase the amount of time daily, you will need a subscription.

Read our Drops review.


Mondly is another popular app that uses games and quick lessons. Expect to learn core Hindi phrases, grammar, and vocabulary that will give you the confidence to converse with Hindi speakers.

Mondly goes a little further than DuoLingo and Drops as it includes grammar lessons. This can be the app of choice if you’ve advanced beyond the beginner level.

Keep in mind. None of these apps will be able to teach you Hindi in isolation. Apps should always be used in addition to other learning materials.

However, Mondly will satisfy an intermediate learner when DuoLindo and Drops will not.

You can use Mondly for free, but the content is limited. You will need a subscription to get meaningful use out of it.

Read our Mondly review.

What are the best apps for learning Hindi through flashcards?


Memrise has reinvented flashcards for the digital age. Using flashcards to learn a language has been around for decades. And that’s because it works.

This app uses the spaced repetition system to help you learn new Hindi words and remember words. You’ll find plenty of videos and audio to help your listening skills.

You can create custom vocabulary lists and share them with other Memrise users. You can also learn words you never thought of learning by looking at other users’ lists.

A drawback I found is that the user-generated content can vary in quality. This is to be expected when the app allows all users to create vocabulary lists.

Another issue is that Memrise is purely vocabulary focused. You’ll learn little grammar. However, this app is for you if your goal is to increase your Hindi vocabulary.

You can try out Memrise for free with limited content. However, you need a subscription to use it properly.

Read our Memrise review.


Clozemaster marries flashcards with gamification. It uses the tried-and-tested spaced repetition system to teach you lots of new words and phrases. Expect words and phrases you’ve learnt to pop up after a certain timeframe to test your recall.

I liked how you could learn a lot of words and phrases, even with just the free account. If you become a paid member, you can create collections of phrases and words to focus on, ideal for personalising your language journey.

Keep in mind that the phrases are sourced from a community-created dictionary. This means some mistakes will creep in. This might be off-putting for absolute beginners who won’t detect the errors.

I recommend Closemaster for those that have gone beyond beginner level and are at an early intermediate level.

Read our Clozemaster review.

What are the best ‘phrasebook’ apps to learn Hindi?

Learn Hindi

Learn Hindi has over 9,000 words and phrases, so you’ll likely find the phrase you’re looking for in different situations.

There’s also audio pronunciation of each word or phrase to help you say it correctly. And there are quizzes to add an element of fun.

A bonus is that you can view the letters of the Hindi alphabet. If you’re learning to read and write Hindi as well as speak the language, this is ideal.

Simply Learn Hindi

Simply Learn Hindi is another popular phrasebook-style app.

This app is better than Learn Hindi as there are quizzes to test your knowledge. However, it has just over 1,000 phrases and words. That’s a lot less than the over 9,000 you get inside Learn Hindi.

However, it’s still a great app that will allow you to search for phrases in several useful categories. Examples are direction phrases, eating in India, sightseeing in India, emergencies, etc.

The free version will get you just over 300 phrases. The paid version will unblock over 1,000 phrases.

What are the best ‘dictionary’ apps for learning Hindi?

Hindi by Nemo

Hindi by Nemo allows you to search for any word or phrase you need. You can then listen to the audio.

This is an ideal ‘companion’ app when travelling. With other apps, you’re not in control of what you learn. This app allows a truly personalised learning journey - you learn what you need when you need it. There’s also a ‘bedtime mode’ which reviews everything you’ve learned that day.

I love how you can download audio and listen when you have no internet. Most others apps charge you a premium for this.

Hindi by Nemo is completely free to use.

English Hindi Dictionary

English Hindi Dictionary is a simple yet effective app that will convert English words to Hindi (and vice versa).

Expect to get word definitions with typical usage/example sentences as well as synonyms and antonyms. You can also listen to the pronunciation of each word via audio.

What’s even better is that it’s completely free.

What are the best apps from traditional language programs?


Pimsleur is a popular and well-known brand that’s been teaching languages before the internet.

Pimsleur uses an effective spaced repetition language-learning method. It works by getting you to repeat words and phrases so they go into your long-term memory.

It’s a purely auditory program which you can download and learn anywhere, even without an internet connection.

Some drawbacks are that Pimsleur focuses only on listening and speaking. If you aim to study the language or learn how to write Hindi, Pimsleur will not work.

However, this app is ideal if your goal is to learn conversational Hindi quickly. It’s especially good for those whose preferred learning style is auditory. It’s also great for busy people who would love to learn Hindi while getting on with their lives.

Read our Pimsleur review.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone almost needs no introduction. They are giants in the teaching languages sector and were teaching before the internet through books and mail order CDs.

The app will teach you basic Hindi words, phrases and grammar. It has built-in speech recognition software to help you verbalise each syllable in a word.

It also gives you feedback, instantly displaying phrases as you speak and prompting you to repeat if you made a mistake.

It’s one of the most expensive apps on my list. If Rosetta Stone is for you, I advise you to pay a one-time fee rather than a costly annual subscription.

Read our Rosetta Stone review.

What are the best apps for learning Hindi through native speakers?


HelloTalk is an innovative app that marries learning a language with social media. This is the app for you if you’re sociable and love the idea of learning Hindi while making friends worldwide.

HelloTalk is built around the central idea of language exchange. You learn a language from someone, and they learn your native language in exchange.

Not only can you have text conversations, but you can also send and receive voice notes, helping you to understand pronunciations.

Keep in mind. HelloTalk does not teach you Hindi. That’s not the goal. This app facilitates language exchanges, so your language journey is at the mercy of who you connect with as an exchange partner. Not everyone is great at teaching.

For this reason, if you’re a beginner, I recommend you use this app in conjunction with another app on this list that teaches you Hindi.

Read our HelloTalk review.


Tandem is another great app that marries social networking with learning a language.

I liked how new profiles are immediately added to the top of the community feed. It means you’re likely to get many people reaching out to you for a language exchange because of this visibility.

I also like how you can set language goals that other users can see, which helps you partner up with the best language exchange partners.

I didn’t like that it can take up to 7 days for your profile to be approved before you can start using the app. However, you can skip this wait time by paying for a subscription.

Additionally, there is the ‘Tandem’s Tutors’ feature, which connects you to language tutors. Accessing these incurs additional costs.

Read our Tandem review.

What are the best apps for learning Hindi through Hindi tutors?


italki is the best online platform to find online classes from native Hindi tutors. They have the largest number of tutors.

You can filter teachers depending on their price, availability, and other factors.

You’ll also find many teachers who will offer free or discounted trial lessons, so you can test different tutors to see who you like the most. Additionally, you’re protected by the platform, which will refund your payment if your tutor goes AWOL.

Pricing depends on the tutor. Tutors can charge as little as $3 per hour and as much as $40 or more per hour.

Keep in mind that the more you pay, the more likely you’ll access a tutor who knows how to teach Hindi as a foreign language. Just because you know something does not mean you can teach it.

The main issue is that you must buy ‘credits’ to use italki. This means you’re always left with surplus credits. I assume this is a way for the app creator to entice you into buying more classes. It would be better if you could just pay for the classes you take.

Read our italki review.


Verbling is another app designed to help you find a great Hindi tutor.

The advantage of Verbling is that you pay for a class at a time - no credits. However, it’s also more expensive than ITalki.

Also, there are fewer tutors to choose from than on italki.

As with italki, prices vary depending on how skilled a tutor is. You can take free trial lessons to find a tutor that makes you feel comfortable.

Read our Verbling review.


Preply works in the same way as italki and Verbling - matching you up to a great tutor.

The main difference is that you need to buy packages of lessons from your chosen tutor. There’s no pay-as-you system like italki or Verbling.

This can be a pro and a con, depending on your viewpoint. It’s a pro as you’re committing to learning the language by buying a package of lessons. However, it means you have to be sure you like your tutor as packages can’t be transferred to another tutor.

You can have a trial lesson but need to pay for it. Plus, it seems tutors are not paid for trial lessons. This adds pressure to commit to a teacher as it seems unfair they’re giving up their time and energy for no payment.

Read our Preply review.

How do I learn Hindi fast using apps?

The most efficient way of using apps is to use them in addition to other resources.

As you will have seen in the above reviews for each app, they have disadvantages despite being my top picks for each learning style.

Pair one or more apps with other forms of learning. Why not find a great Hindi podcast or YouTube channel to practice your listening and comprehension skills?

Or you can add a great Hindi textbook. This is ideal if you’re learning to write and speak Hindi or just want a break from technology.

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