6 Excellent YouTube Channels To Learn Hindi (2024)

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6 Excellent YouTube Channels To Learn Hindi (2024)

Over the last decade, YouTube has become the number one portal for learning all kinds of skills, including learning languages like Hindi.

There used to be a real shortage of Hindi resources online, but YouTube has changed all that.

Today I’ve compiled a short list of the best Hindi YouTube channels for learners. Each one is quite different.

Check them out and choose the one that suits your learning style.

Best YouTube channels to learn Hindi

Here’s my pick of the best dedicated YouTube channels for people who want to learn Hindi.

Have a look and comment below if I’ve missed a good one.

1. HindiPod101.com

HindiPod101 is by far the largest YouTube channel dedicated to teaching Hindi.

It has more than twice as many subscribers as the next channel (so they must be doing something right!)

They have hundreds of video lessons on YouTube as well as handy playlists categorised into themes and learning levels.

What’s notable about HindiPod10 is that you can go to their website and sign up for a free account.

This allows you to access exclusive video and audio content not available on their YouTube channel.

HindiPod10 offer a ‘freemium’ model where they give away a lot of content for free.

You can upgrade to a paid membership for perks, such as in-depth lesson notes, HD video, and even one-on-one access to one of their Hindi teachers.

However, there is no need for you to become a paid member. You can remain a free member for as long as you wish.

2. Anil Mahato

Anil Mahato’s YouTube channel is the next biggest in subscriber numbers.

But it’s the biggest if you measure video numbers.

What we love about this YouTube channel is that Anil’s goal was to teach one friend Hindi. Somehow this blossomed into a huge YouTube channel that now helps thousands of people worldwide.

As you can expect, Anil’s channel is more relaxed than the other channels.

You have typical lessons on grammar, comprehension, etc. but amongst this, you’ll learn ‘street’ conversations and travel tips.

This is ideal if you prefer a less-formal learning style and want to learn from a genuine Indian. Learning Hindi through Anil feels like you’re learning from a friend.

If you want the friendship to flourish in real life, you can hire Anil to tutor you over Skype.

3. ZEdxHindi

ZEdxHindi is the third biggest channel in subscriber numbers. As with the other channels, they cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons.

They also offer worksheets, quizzes, and assignments to help you on your journey.

This channel caters to both children and adults. We assume that because some of the demographic are children, there appears to be an emphasis on using bold colours and cartoon imagery.

Studies prove that the use of colour and cartoons aids long-term memory for both children and adults. It’s why you see so many cartoon sales videos online and on TV aimed at adults.

If you struggle to remember new words or class yourself as a ‘visual learner,’ this YouTube channel could be the key.

4. Hindi TV

The goal of Hindi TV is to get you to speak Hindi fast. Grammar is only taught only when needed.

The gentleman behind it, Manjunath, is a teacher in an engineering college, so you know you’re in good hands. He’s also created a companion website that builds on what you learn on his YouTube channel. What’s fantastic is it’s all completely free (although, if you love the content, you can ‘tip’ Manjunath via PayPal).

We like the flashcard-style videos and the fact that the lessons were short and to the point.

This channel is ideal for those who want a quick-start guide to Hindi without getting bogged down with grammar and perfectionism.

5. Watch and Learn Hindi

This is another free, flashcard-style channel from a native Indian. The emphasis is on correct pronunciation, so your ears become attuned to the Hindi language.

We liked how the content is separated into videos that cover spoken Hindi and those that cover written Hindi.

Not everyone is interested in learning how to write in Hindi. They want to practice words, full sentences, and conversations. They want to be able to converse in the language, not write in it.

If you enjoy the content on Watch and Learn Hindi, feel free to ‘buy a virtual coffee’ in appreciation.

6. Hindi University

Hindi University differs from all the other channels in that it’s a non-profit project.

The tutor has been teaching in Washington DC since 2006. His students requested a YouTube channel of his teachings. This has become a portal where thousands of students worldwide benefit.

Hindi University’s goal is to use language as a way to connect people from different communities - a worthwhile mission.

This channel is similar to Anil Mahato in that the channel was ‘accidental.’ This will appeal to those who connect to the story and mission.

Also, as the tutor has been teaching in a classroom for over 15 years, many of his videos feature him writing on a whiteboard.

This is the ideal YouTube channel if you prefer learning the way you would if you were in a classroom.

As you can see, there are various learning styles on YouTube. You’re sure to find a channel that suits you.

Here are some more reasons to learn Hindi using YouTube.

The benefits of learning Hindi on YouTube

As the premier video-sharing site in the world, YouTube has become so ubiquitous that it’s even used as a verb (much like its parent company, Google).

With so many people using YouTube, it stands to reason why so many content creators view it as the number one video site.

The sheer size of YouTube means you’re sure to find Hindi content at your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced).

Another important reason to use YouTube is that it’s completely free (so long as you don’t mind the odd ad break).

If you’re an absolute beginner, it makes sense to use no-risk, free resources first.

You can also fit your learning around your schedule.

There are no classes to attend or content that needs to be consumed before a particular date.

Finally, one of the perks of using YouTube is its clever algorithm. The more you use it, the more it learns what you want and searches for more content.

It will start recommending other Hindi lesson videos that suit your level, style, and personality.

Getting the most out of YouTube when learning Hindi

There are three types of YouTube content that can improve your Hindi fluency.

1. Dedicated Hindi language learning channels

The first type of content is what features in my list of YouTube channels for learning Hindi.

These are dedicated channels designed to teach non-Hindi speakers how to speak the language.

They will organise their content for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. They may even ‘bundle’ lessons by subject matter. For example, grammar lessons, themed vocabulary sessions, etc.

These channels should be your first port of call when you start learning Hindi.

However, your Hindi will come on in leaps and bounds when you incorporate other YouTube content.

2. Subtitled Hindi channels

The second type of Hindi content is YouTube channels that show subtitled Hindi content, such as films and TV shows.

I don’t recommend this type of content if you’re an absolute beginner. Your eyes will be completely glued to the subtitles.

Instead, start watching subtitled content when you move to the intermediate phase.

Your Hindi skills will then be at the stage where you understand the basics. You’ll learn new words and turns of phrases with a quick glance at the helpful subtitles.

3. Native channels

The final type of YouTube content for learning Hindi is native channels. These YouTube channels cater to Indian audiences.

Therefore, they do not offer subtitles or help to understand their content.

This type of content is ideal for the advanced student.

Content for natives allows you to immerse yourself in the language as if you’re living in India.

Which is the best YouTube channel for learning Hindi?

Which Hindi YouTube channel is best for you?

Try out a few videos on each channel, and see which one you enjoy.

Remember, just watching video after video and expecting to be fluent in Hindi isn’t enough. Use one or more of my recommended channels alongside regular study to enhance your learning.

Also, as stated before, once you move beyond the beginner level, you can add subtitled content and native channels to speed up your fluency.

Would you like to recommend other Hindi channels on YouTube?

Let me know below.

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