Language Mission: Move To Korea And Learn Korean In One Year

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Language Mission: Move To Korea And Learn Korean In One Year

I thought I’d make a video post tonight instead of writing.

For those who can’t view the video, I’m making preparations to move to South Korea in the second half of this year and I’ve decided to start early on the language. If you’re an experienced Korean learner then I’d love to hear your suggestions!

My Irish Gaeilge challenge will remain my primary focus until the end of the year but I’ll be spending my extra time building a strong foundation in Korean before I travel.

I’ll be looking for the best online Korean courses and resources. All other recommendations on good books and websites are welcome.

UPDATE: I successfully completed this mission and learned fluent Korean in the year that I lived in Gumi, South Korea. Check this post out.

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Checkout for videos


Thanks! :)


You are the man! Korean. My son and I did lesson one in Livemocha a few months ago. He has Korean classmates. He sings happy birthday - every time - in English, Turkish and Korean. Best of luck!


Thanks Aaron.

I was interested to discover that Korean is believed to be related to Turkish. Did you notice anything familiar in that respect?


Talk to me in Korean is great!!
The new Sogang Korean books are also excellent..


Thanks Erik.

I'll check out these books! :)

Anikin M W

Annyeong haseyo Donovan-ssi!

I was going to recommend but you're already there in Korea, what better way than learning it right off the locals, eh ;-)

Gamsahamnida for this blog, great job!

Cheers :)


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