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How To Learn Languages Like A Child (Yes It Is Possible)

October 27, 2018
Learning languages the way children do is something adults are capable of, despite what many believe. I'll explain and demonstrate how to do this.

How My 1 Year Old Son's Language Learning Is Reaffirming My Approach

March 30, 2018
My son just turned one year old and I've been able to make some interesting observations of his language development that I believe are helpful to us as adult second language learners.

How Traveling With A Family Is Improving My Language Immersion

October 06, 2017
I came to a decision that I wanted to continue doing what I love - traveling, immersing myself in different languages - but at the same time sharing it all with a family of my own.

Best Resources For Teaching Your Child A Second Language

June 05, 2017
In this post, I want to share some of the tools and methods we’re using to support our child's second language development.

The Real Reason You Forgot The Language You Studied In School

October 29, 2013
Do we gradually forget languages? What happened to the foreign languages we learned in school? Are they lost and can we pick them up again quickly if they are?

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