13 Best English To French Translation Apps And Services

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13 Best English To French Translation Apps And Services

Do you need to know the French definition of an English word that you’ve never come across before? The best way to get that all-important translation is with an English to French translation app.

Now, there are so many English to French translation apps on the market, so the difficulty is knowing which is the best quality and which suits your requirements.

No worries.

Today I’ll share the best 13 English to French translation apps, extensions and sites to supplement your learning.

Microsoft Translator

The free English to French translation app, Microsoft Translator, offers translations regardless of whether you’re online or offline.

What I liked about this app are its handy features such as the voice recognition tool, and the option to listen to your translation spoken aloud.

You’ll even have the ability to translate the text you see in images and search for French synonyms of words and phrases to get the perfect way to convey your meaning.

The drawback of the Microsoft Translator is that, from time to time, it lacks precision in its translations and makes few errors. There’s also the fact that it has a limit of 10,000 characters when translating text, but the app is still very handy for English/French translations.


For travellers everywhere, including those who are travelling to France, TripLingo is the perfect app for you.

Not only can you use it offline, but you’ll also get the chance to use their audios to brush up on your French pronunciation.

There are some downsides to this English to French translation app, despite the cultural information it provides for users.

It doesn’t offer accurate translations all the time. Yes, it offers slang translations and a phrasebook. It also provides a set of travel tools to translate currency and temperature, but you might occasionally struggle with getting exact translations using TripLingo.

Translate Me

Is your goal to translate text, access a translation using your camera or have a conversation with voice recognition tools?

The Translate Me app will help you with each of these.

What you’ll appreciate when using this app is that you’ll be able to communicate with others with ease in French. You’ll understand what they are saying without too much difficulty. But to use the premium version and to translate more text, you will have to pay, which might be considered a disadvantage.


The Vocre English to French translation app lets you interpret what a French speaker is saying and enables a French speaker to understand you as well.

The Vocre voice translator also works offline if you subscribe to the service.

It works best when you reduce the speed of the conversation and isolate individual words or phrases to get the translation, so one limitation might be that the app fails to translate as quickly as you might naturally speak.


Reverso is a powerful app that is perfect for translating words and phrases to French.

The fact that it enables you to dive into the meaning of words and vocabulary by receiving a range of example sentences makes this app so much more than just a translator.

Want to find out how to conjugate a verb in French? That’s no problem with Reverso as you’ll even benefit from the conjugator tool it provides.

This app does lack a few of the perks offered by some of the other English <-> French translation apps on this list, though. You can’t use the camera to make an image translation, for example. But it’s easy to use and features flashcards to help you learn, as well as games and language quizzes to give your language learning a boost!


WordReference is a translation/conjugation app all in one.

This English to French translation app will let you translate unknown words and phrases with ease.

What I particularly liked about WordReference is its conjugator.

It’s great if you quickly need to conjugate an irregular French or English verb — (which can sometimes be a challenge!)

You’ll have a ‘Word of the Day’ option that makes learning fun! And even though this translation app doesn’t have a voice to text option, the translations are generally quite precise.

Offline Translator: French-English

Translating English to French is simple and fast with the Offline Translator: French-English.

I’d recommend it, particularly if you intend on travelling to a French-speaking country.

This app is good. It features a phrasebook and an offline translator for spoken English, and it lets you listen to how each word is pronounced by selecting or tapping on it.

You can even translate printed images by using your camera. So, for this reason, despite some of the grammatical errors that this app sometimes produces, it goes beyond just translating words and phrases by inputting text.

French English Translator

The great thing about the French English Translator app is that you can get translations for tricky French idioms. The app works for English to French translations as well.

It’s useful if you want to use the microphone feature to translate a word or a sentence and then hear how it is pronounced either in English or in French.

There’s one limitation of the app, though, which is the limitation of particular grammatical variations.

For instance, if you wanted to translate a phrase that includes the word ‘you’ in English, you won’t receive both the vous and tu forms. You will only get the vous translation.

Aside from this, the French English translator is useful and will help you become more familiar with the French language.


If you’re unsure how to pronounce the word you need to translate, SpeakText is the answer you’ve been looking for.

This app will let you type the word into the device and receive a spoken translation for the word or phrase you enter. With this English to French translation app, translations are instant.

From time to time, you might need to spell the word phonetically to get an accurate translation, but it’s a useful app that will help you learn how to pronounce certain words.

Le Conjugueur

French verb conjugation can be a challenge. This is where the Le Conjugueur website can be useful.

It’s a site that gives you a translation of French verbs and even French numbers — which is something not many apps offer.

You can potentially conjugate approximately 9000 verbs and receive translations for sentences that take the interrogative form. You can also translate negative sentences and receive a range of forms for each verb. For this reason, the site is ideal for all students.

The app version of Le Conjugueur can be used offline, however, it doesn’t translate the verbs to English — only the website version offers this feature.

French — English Translator

This basic English to French translation app offers accurate translations for sentences and short phrases.

Type in one word and you’ll receive a range of translations or potential meanings of that word. Type in a sentence and you’ll get a translation of that sentence. It’s simple but effective.

The French — English Translator app is free, and you can use it as a dictionary-style app to get the definitions you need. It features an audio option that lets you listen to the pronunciation of words and phrases.

What it lacks is an image translator. You won’t be able to use your camera to translate some of the posters you see in France, for example. But this app achieves its purpose of providing good translations between the two languages.

Learn French Phrases

The Learn French Phrases English to French translation app is quite comprehensive. For those who are studying at the beginner level, I’d recommend this app.

The app will speak aloud when providing translations of basic phrases to help you communicate with French natives.

You don’t need to be connected to the internet to use this app, and there’s a flashcard feature that makes it simpler to revise or go over previous phrases. Plus, you’ll be able to choose a slow playback option when listening to the audios.

It’s ideal for beginners, but advanced-level students will benefit more from apps that have a thesaurus or that offer contextual examples of phrases being used in each sentence.

Dict.cc dictionary

The in-depth dict.cc dictionary app is a reliable and accurate dictionary app that will provide you with offline translation features. Whether you want to translate from English to French or French to English you can do it with ease with this app.

It doesn’t have the image translation feature, so you won’t be able to translate text on French signs using your camera with this app. But if you’re searching for a reliable dictionary translation app with audio options as well, this is a good option for you.

Why English to French translation apps are useful

Why are they useful?

I’ll start by saying that there are so many reasons to use an English to French translation app. They are incredibly useful and have a range of functions. The translation feature is just the tip of the iceberg!

Want examples of how to use a word or phrase in a sentence or various contexts?

An English to French translation app will help with this. With various translation apps, not only will you get the meaning of the individual word or phrase, but you will also get a sentence that shows you how the word is used.

Looking for ways to translate spoken English to French? There are apps that have powerful voice-recognition software, letting you speak into your device and will then translate the input. It is ideal for situations where you might have heard a word being used but are unaware of how to spell it.

In this case, instead of entering the word in its text form, you can say the word instead.

Need to translate a text or web page?

You will find various English to French translation extensions that translate whole web pages. These apps are particularly useful if you want to read an article or decode a text that you might not understand.

Travelling to a French-speaking country and need a quick translation for a street sign or a sign in the airport? In situations like these, an English to French translation app is ideal, as some apps even let you make a real-time image translation.

It’s yet another reason why these kinds of apps are useful.

Choose an English to French translation app to grow what you know

There you have it. There are so many French apps for you to choose from.

Whether you’re just starting on your French language learning journey, travelling to a French-speaking country for a week or two, or well into the advanced stages, you’ll find a translation app for your needs.

You’ll reap all the benefits I mentioned and start growing your knowledge quickly with the help of an English to French translation app.

From using the camera translation apps to the apps that provide an audio playback option, your French knowledge can only improve with one of these apps — so use it to your advantage.

Also be sure to check out our list of English to Spanish translation apps as well.

Are there any other apps, extensions or services that I forgot to include?

Post them below!

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