11 Best Spanish Resources For Kids That Won't Bore Them

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11 Best Spanish Resources For Kids That Won't Bore Them

Looking for ways to keep your kids focused on learning Spanish?

It’s a challenge because keeping their attention isn’t always straightforward. You’re going to want to ensure that your kids keep learning regularly and that they don’t get bored during the learning process.

After all, the more committed your kids are to learning Spanish, the faster they’ll learn.

Getting your children to attend Spanish classes is a great first step, but to get the best results, you’ll need to go a step further.

You should be on the hunt for some entertaining and educational Spanish resources to support your kids throughout the process of learning Spanish.

Not sure where to start?

Below I’ve shared my favorite resources for kids to learn Spanish and back up what they learn in their Spanish courses. Let’s dive in! 😊

Best Spanish language resources for children

Ouino (Spanish)


In my opinon, Ouino is one of the best programs available for teaching kids Spanish at home.

Ouino comes as both installable course software (or as a mobile app), and is purposefully designed with homeschooling in mind. It’s packed with interactive Spanish learning material that’s suitable for kids, and covers all the essential skills for Spanish literacy and conversation.

Suitable for most ages.

The Spanish Experiment

Packed with stories for children, lessons online and top Spanish resources that will boost your kid’s knowledge, The Spanish Experiment has a range of content.

The stories you’ll find on The Spanish Experiment are written in Spanish and have English translations, making it simpler for your children to understand the language.

There are also video/animated versions of the stories provided on The Spanish Experiment, so your child can follow the narration with the help of the images provided.

Aside from the stories, your child will be able to access lessons that cover Spanish question words, and the difference between and usted.

YouTube songs and channels

One of the best YouTube channels featuring songs for children in Spanish is Super Simple Español.

The songs featured on this world-famous YouTube channel are suitable for very young children who are between 2 and 3 years old. It focuses on opposites and teaches a selection of vocabulary ideal for those just starting with the language.

What makes this YouTube channel so popular is the catchiness of its songs.

The videos are also entertaining, tell a story and are brightly coloured, ensuring that your kids don’t ever get bored when learning the language.

Super Simple Español also repeats the vocabulary various times throughout the songs, which reinforces new vocabulary and enhances the learning process.

Electronic Spanish books

On the International Children’s Digital Library, you’ll discover a whole selection of books in Spanish that are perfect for your children.

This website features simple stories and Spanish resources that will help to build your children’s vocabulary.

As a teacher looking for ways to boost the learning experience for your students, these electronic/digitised books provide a way to set interesting and varied assignments.

The variety of books featured on the International Children’s Digital Library all contain bright and colourful images that help your students or children to understand what is happening in the story.

Spanish apps for kids

When just starting a Spanish language course, using an app that features plenty of vocabulary is essential for young children.

Fortunately, there are so many Spanish apps available if you are looking for ways to keep your kids’ attention and help them learn new words and phrases.

Aside from vocabulary, speaking and listening are also important skills, and you’ll want to encourage your children to speak and listen from early on.

Here are two apps that can help with these two skills

Studycat: Fun Spanish for Kids

Studycat is a fun, interactive Spanish language learning app that helps your children learn through the games that it features.

It teaches a vast range of skills needed to develop confidence with the Spanish language, including vocabulary, reading, speaking and listening.

There are even separate sections for spelling and pronunciation.

Learn Spanish — 15,000 words

The Learn Spanish — 15,000 words app gives your children limitless access to a huge selection of Spanish words and Spanish resources.

It works by repeating words in different sentences and helps your kids learn how to pronounce them.

Your kids will be able to monitor their progress and keep track of how many words they have come across using this useful app.

Learn Spanish with SpeakTribe

The last app we’ve included is SpeakTribe.

It features a range of games and lessons that will help your older kids stay on track when it comes to learning Spanish.

They will be able to practice their speaking skills, hone their listening skills and get to grips with their grammar with ease.

It’s ideal for kids who need a challenge as the difficulty increases as they progress through each level.

BBC Bitesize Spanish

The BBC Bitesize Spanish website offers your kids so many Spanish resources, and they are all very handy — and free.

If you need to get your hands on some more Spanish resources as a teacher, this website contains plenty of topics, games and grammatical lessons that you can base your teaching on.

Some of the topics for older kids include ‘Telling the time in Spanish’, ‘Talking about food in Spanish’, and ‘Introducing yourself’.

Each of these topics focuses on different verbs such as tener, ser, tengo, estar and hacer.

If you have younger children, there is a specific section for students and kids who are four years old.

You will find structured topics such as numbers, cultures and places and stories, poems and songs on the Bitesize Spanish website.

Spanish TV programs and cartoons

There are various Spanish TV programs and cartoons available for your kids, which will help them develop their understanding of the Spanish language.

The cartoon/program that’s ideal for younger kids is Pocoyo.

This animated cartoon is colourful, entertaining, easy to understand and will keep your kids focused.

The reason it works is that, even though your children might not understand every single word or phrase in isolation, they’ll follow the story from the animation and narrative.

Pocoyo is incredibly popular and deals with plenty of themes, so you’ll have plenty of resources to share with your children and keep them occupied!

Spanish Playground

Spanish Playground is a great website that’s full of Spanish resources for kids.

If you’re a teacher, you’ll find flashcards, video stories, picture-based/story images for children and plenty of educational games that keep the language learning journey fun for your students.

These resources also include a vocabulary section, which is exactly what young students will need to develop their understanding of the Spanish language.

Whether you’re a parent looking to back up your kids’ knowledge gained from a Spanish course, or a teacher who wants to make learning fun, Spanish Playground is where you’ll find the relevant resources for this.


Language learning can be a challenge for younger learners, but with Duolingo they’ll start picking up on new words and concepts more easily.

Why is Duolingo so useful for younger learners?

Well, it is an interactive game-style platform that features points and levels — which is exactly what younger learners find interesting.

Monitoring their progress as they advance through the levels, your kids will find out which areas they need to work harder at.

The points they earn will also give them motivation and ensure they continue learning.

Whether your kids need to brush up on their speaking skills or their writing, all of this is possible with the Duolingo app.

See this review of Duolingo.

Take a look at the Spanish resources in this list to help your kids learn

Helping your kids learn needn’t be a challenge — these Spanish resources are ideal for your children and will ensure they remain focused on their studies.

Keep in mind that, for younger Spanish students, bright images and animations are the ideal way to keep them entertained.

Even though they might not fully understand the Spanish language at this stage, animations can make the learning process fun.

Games and gamified apps are also a great way to keep your older children engaged, so explore some of the apps I’ve listed here and combine them with the Spanish course your child is studying for the best results.

Should I list any other Spanish resources here?

Add your contribution to the comments below!

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