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20 Best Online Portuguese Courses In 2021 (Native Speaker Opinion)

June 07, 2020
Today I'm going to share my thoughts as a native Portuguese speaker on the best online Portuguese courses available today (most popular course products).

How To Tell The Difference Between European And Brazilian Portuguese

March 21, 2017
Although Brazil and Portugal share the greater part of the language, there are many variations both spoken and written.

Semantica Portuguese Review: There Are Far Better Options

January 04, 2016
I decided to check out and review Semantica Portuguese recently to see if it's a good option for Portuguese learners. Here's what I found.

Rocket Portuguese Review: Extensive Look At The 2021 Edition

October 05, 2011
This is the most detailed and comprehensive review of Rocket Portuguese that you'll ever read. I answer the question: Is it worth the money?

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