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How To Read And Pronounce The Russian Alphabet (Cyrillic)

January 13, 2021
In this guide, I'll teach you the Russian alphabet (called Cyrillic). We'll go through the vowels and consonants, and the pronunciation of each.

If I Started Learning Russian Again, Here’s How I’d Do It

May 13, 2020
The fact is that relatively few people learn Russian, so if you show interest in the Russian language, Russians will happily talk to you.

Review Of Russian Short Stories For Beginners (By Olly Richards)

September 14, 2018
I was just sent a review sample of Russian Short Stories For Beginners by Olly Richards [Teach Yourself] as part of their newly-announced collaboration.

20 Outstanding Listening Resources For Russian Learners Of All Levels

May 03, 2018
Improving listening comprehension in Russian is one of the most challenging aspects of learning the language. Here are some of the most outstanding resources for training your listening skills.

How Cooking Has Helped Me Learn To Speak Russian

April 13, 2018
If you’ve ever taken a language class and the teacher has asked you to roleplay visiting a doctor or attending a job interview, then you’ve seen task-based learning in action. Cooking in the target language is essentially the same type of lesson.

6 Lessons Learned Dating In Russia While Learning Russian

February 08, 2018
After living here for long enough to catch a decent glimpse into Russian culture, here are the things that I want you to know about Russia and Russians as it relates to learning the language.

6 Things I’ve Learned About Russian Since Moving To Russia (And Resources That Helped)

January 15, 2018
My prior apathy about Russia aside, after just a few short months of living in Russia I have already been forced to seriously reconsider every Russian stereotype that I’d previously held.

3 Challenging Features Of The Russian Language And How To Overcome Them

September 18, 2017
This article will identify three tough features of the Russian language and give you tips for mastering them.

Balanced, Honest and Detailed RussianPod101 Review

January 27, 2017
RussianPod101 is not just one of the only options but also the best as far as online learning tools for Russian go.

10 Reasons Why The Russian Language Isn't That Difficult

April 22, 2016
Today I'm going to convince you that Russian is actually far easier to learn than you've been led to believe.

Back From Georgia (Country Not The State) + [VIDEO]

October 26, 2015
I headed back to Georgia this month for a visit and to catch up with my Georgian friends who I stayed with while I was there on the TLG program almost 5 years ago.

Rocket Russian Review (2021 Edition) - Fair And Balanced

April 01, 2015
Rocket Russian is a detailed and structured course that suits most learning styles. This review will dive deep into its content and method.

How To Start Learning Russian

October 23, 2014
I have fallen irrevocably in love with the Russian language. For me, it's the first and so far only language that I have truly loved.

11 Incredible (Random) Things I Learned Living In Russia

June 20, 2014
Today I'm going to share a few fairly random but very interesting things with you that I learned during my language immersion stay in Russia.

Italian Immersion, Russian Update + Birthday Request (Video)

May 22, 2014
Last year your votes got this blog into the Top 25 Language Learning Blogs so it'd be great if you could do it again this year.

Language Immersion In Russia - First Impressions After 1 Month

February 14, 2014
Russia is already proving to be one of the most rewarding language immersions I've ever done.

New Language Challenge: Russia Here I Come!

December 24, 2013
Today I can finally share my new language challenge with all of you. I'm currently en route to Russia for a brand new immersion experience that I'm very excited about.

26 Best (And Worst) Online Russian Courses In 2021

November 15, 2011
Today I'm going to share my opinion as an experienced Russian learner on the best online Russian courses available (most popular course products).

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