So Yeah... This Just Happened

So Yeah... This Just Happened

I don’t often share too much about my life outside of travel and language learning here.

But I do know that a lot of you have been following my adventures for years now so I want to share this big news with you.

I’m engaged. 🙂

Yep – changing pronouns officially (me -> we).

I’ve just been exploring and enjoying northern California with my fiancée and her family the last few weeks. We trekked to the top of a peak overlooking Lake Tahoe – weather and the view couldn’t have been more perfect – and I popped the question.

Which she of course said yes to. 🙂


So here’s to new things.

My fiancée’s just as adventurous as I am (if not more) so the language immersion doesn’t stop here – it just gets better.

I’ve said several times before that solo travel gets old.

There does actually come a point where it all starts to feel very tedious and lonely when you’re not sharing experiences with anyone.

For quite some time I’ve been at that point where traveling to new places on my own has become very routine and dull so the thought of having a family of my own and traveling together is an exciting thing – a very different dynamic to look forward to.

So we’ll be heading off to the Middle East together next month to live and work, continue with Arabic, hit up Morocco (hopefully) and then choose a new language and location for next year.

Hope you’re enjoying your break. 🙂

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Hey Donovan,
Been reading your blog recently and saw this. Congratulations - best of luck to you two and safe travels.

Donovan Nagel

Cheers, Brett! :)


Only just found your blog recently and have been really enjoying reading all your past articles. It's been inspiring and very helpful to me.

Particularly nice to read of an Aussie who taught himself Irish! Gives me hope. :)

Congrats on the engagement.

Donovan Nagel

Thanks, Adam.

All the best with your Irish!



Donovan Nagel

Thanks a lot :)

Sam Bleakly

Congratulations! So Exciting! Wish the best to both of you!

Donovan Nagel

Cheers, Sam!


Congratulations!!!!! Wishing you guys the best and many adventures ahead!

Donovan Nagel

Thanks so much, Nicole :)


Congrats, Donovan! All the best for a continuously exciting life :) I have been following your blog since 2012 and it gave me the courage to pursue my CELTA in 2013, and now pursuing Russian and Farsi!

Donovan Nagel

Awesome. Thanks a lot, Ramy.

All the best with Russian and Farsi.


So does "enjoying northern California with my fiancée and her family the last few weeks." mean she's from California?

Donovan Nagel


Born and bred Californian :)


Love language the best of all! When you learn it correctly and practice it constantly, it is the recipe for a successful happy life. Best wishes for you and your fiance.


First post but I found your blog a while ago when I was banging my head about listening comprehension in my Mandarin Journey. Your articles were a huge help on that. Thanks. Congrats and blessings on your engagement!



Write a piece later about how traveling changes when you go from solo to couple travel. Any advice would be much appreciated.

I pray you both are very happy and enjoy many more adventures together

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein