27 Meaningful Spanish Tattoo Ideas For Guys And Girls

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27 Meaningful Spanish Tattoo Ideas For Guys And Girls

Looking for some meaningful Spanish tattoo ideas?

Thankfully, Spanish tattoos with deep meaning aren’t few in number.

You can consider plenty of cool or even cute ideas when deciding on a Spanish tattoo to best express your deepest thoughts, values, ambitions or dreams.

Whether you’re hoping to convey messages of love, life, family, faith/religion, or ambition, you can find plenty of meaningful Spanish tattoo ideas in this list. Some are long. Some are short.

At the end, I’ve also included some one-word Spanish tattoo ideas (and one two-word example) that encompass life’s most significant, most impactful themes.

Let’s start with the list of meaningful Spanish tattoo ideas you should consider.

Meaningful Spanish tattoo ideas

Here’s my list of tattoo ideas in Spanish.

Which of these tattoo ideas appeals to you the most?

1. Sigue a tu corazón

Sometimes, fewer words can deliver more meaning in a Spanish tattoo idea.

This short idea is a good example of careful word selection, and its message strongly impacts those who see it. Corazón is a crucial word in this sentence, meaning “heart” or, metaphorically, “desire”.

It has a powerful meaning: “follow your heart”.

2. Que será, será

This Spanish tattoo idea is another concise yet philosophical and profound one.

It’s a popular message that you may recognise from the song Que Será Será by Doris Day and translates to English as “what will be, will be”, as indicated by the repeated verb será (“will be”).

3. No puede llover para siempre

Suppose you’re looking for an inspirational and deep Spanish tattoo idea.

In that case, this one encompasses all the difficult moments in life and inverts our typical responses to our difficulties.

No puede llover para siempre means “it cannot rain forever”, which metaphorically connotes the importance of perseverance and waiting for better times.

4. La felicidad no es la meta, es el camino

A psychologically uplifting Spanish tattoo idea is this concise yet inspiring message that reflects a positive outlook on life.

La felicidad no es la meta, es el camino means “happiness is not the goal, it’s the journey”.

It’s a tattoo idea that reminds us to savour the happiness (or felicidad) we experience as we go through life instead of waiting until it’s too late.

5. Lo que no me mata me hace mas fuerte

“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.

That’s the exact meaning of the fifth Spanish tattoo idea on my list.

It’s a concept that suggests that despite the challenges we face, we’ll get stronger (mas fuerte) because of these difficult encounters.

6. Para siempre

In some situations, a tattoo’s meaning can shine through despite its initial obscurity.

Para siempre is one example of a Spanish tattoo idea that’s short yet clear. This one means “forever”.

You may see tattoos like this that refer to someone’s partner or long-term relationship.

7. El conocimiento es poder

Here’s another philosophical and metaphorical Spanish tattoo idea.

The tattoo idea El conocimiento es poder is a four-word idea that means “knowledge is power”.

The quote was originally written down in Meditationes Sacrae (1597) by Francis Bacon, emphasising that sharing knowledge is critical to influencing others and achieving great things.

8. So lo puedes soñar, lo puedes hacer

This Spanish tattoo idea is about achieving things and making them a reality.

Containing the infinitive verb sonar, “to dream”, this idea equates dreams or aspirations with the here and now.

In other words, “if you can dream it, you can do it”.

9. Solo se vive una vez

You’ve probably heard of the acronym YOLO in English (meaning “You only live once”).

Well, the ninth tattoo idea on my list is the Spanish equivalent of YOLO.

Solo se vive una vez means “you only live one time”, which indicates we should make the most of our time and, maybe, avoid sweating the small stuff.

10. Sueña como si fueses a vivir para siempre

Sueña como si fueses a vivir para siempre is a Spanish tattoo idea that means “dream as if you were going to live forever”.

This one has the subjunctive verb fueses, which you may know can also take the form fueras.

The verb means “you were” and describes a hypothetical situation, as although we can’t live forever, we should dream as if we can.

11. La libertad está en ser los dueños de nuestra vida

How about this idea for a Spanish tattoo? La libertad está en ser los dueños de nuestra vida means “freedom is in owning our lives”.

Suppose you want to show off a powerful statement about taking ownership of our responsibilities and hardships, which can make us feel free and fulfilled.

In that case, this is a powerful Spanish tattoo idea.

12. Vive apasionadamente y siente la felicidad

Need a reminder that seizing the moment can contribute to a happy life?

This idea for a Spanish tattoo sums up the concept perfectly.

Vive apasionadamente y siente la felicidad means “live passionately and feel happiness”.

13. No tengas miedo a perder, porque así es como se aprende a ganar

This idea for a Spanish tattoo emphasises that losing is a part of life that can help you get stronger.

It’s only by losing that we can appreciate what it means to win and learn how to get what we want - this tattoo conveys this message, contrasting the Spanish verbs ganar and perder (“to win” and “to lose”).

It means, “don’t be scared to lose because that’s how people learn to win”.

14. No llores porque terminó. Sonríe porque sucedió

Sometimes the good moments in life don’t last as long as we hope they do. That’s what the 14th Spanish tattoo idea on this list can help you to convey to friends and family.

It means, “don’t cry because it ended. Smile because it occurred.”

The key words are terminó (meaning “it ended”) and sucedió (meaning “it occurred”).

15. Esto también pasará

Life’s full of embarrassing or awkward moments we don’t want to relive.

To sum this up, how about considering a Spanish tattoo idea that says esto también pasará?

It means “this too will pass” and has proverbial meanings that emphasise that nothing bad will continue forever.

16. Espíritu libre

With this Spanish tattoo idea, you can express your free-spirited nature and express your inner child.

Espíritu libre means “free spirit”.

17. Las cosas más bellas de nuestras vidas no se pagan con dinero

The best things in our lives are free or don’t cost us any money.

That’s the meaning of this idea for a Spanish tattoo.

A more precise translation is, “you don’t pay for the most beautiful things in life with money”.

18. Te quiero con toda mi alma

Conveying your love for someone is as simple as using this meaningful Spanish tattoo idea.

Te quiero con toda mi alma translates to “I love you with all my soul”.

19. Te quiero no por quien eres, sino por quien soy cuando estoy contigo

This is another meaningful Spanish tattoo idea related to love.

It’s a deeper expression of love and isn’t metaphorical, meaning it’s a realistic and powerful statement.

Te quiero no por quien eres, sino por quien soy cuando estoy contigo means “I love you not only because of who you are, but for who I am when I am with you”.

20. Persevera y triunfarás

The dividends of perseverance are the equivalent of triumph.

If you want to say this with a beautiful Spanish tattoo, you can say it briefly with the sentence persevere y truinfarás.

It means “persevere, and you will triumph”.

21. Familia es donde empieza la vida y el amor nunca termina

This Spanish tattoo idea means “family is where life begins and love never ends”.

It’s a powerful proclamation that your family is the most significant thing in your life.

The tattoo idea emphasises this meaning by contrasting two verbs empieza and termina, showing that life begins with your family and the love you share doesn’t ever end.

22. ¿Pies, para qué los quiero si tengo alas para volar?

If you want a genuinely inspirational Spanish tattoo, this example is poetic and has a big impact.

It means, “why do I want feet if I have wings to fly?” Contrasting feet (pies) and wings (alas), this tattoo idea metaphorically suggests that we all have more power within us than meets the eye.

Magdalena Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter, wrote this sentence just before she had her right leg amputated.

23. Mi vida es mi mensaje

It was Mahatma Gandhi who said this short sentence, and it’s a profound message you may want to use as a Spanish tattoo idea.

Mi vida es mi mensaje means “my life is my message”.

It’s a strong reminder that the things we achieve in this life are messages we leave behind to others.

24. Si no sueñas no vives

“If you don’t dream, you don’t live” is the meaning of this Spanish tattoo idea.

Combining dreams (sueños) and life (la vida), this idea suggests that our dreams keep us going and alive.

25. El que la sigue la consigue

The translation of this Spanish tattoo concept is “he who continues, achieves it”.

It’s an alternative meaning for the English axiom “if at first you don’t succeed, try again” and has connotations of perseverance, hope and a will to succeed.

26. Que los ángeles te muestran el camino

This idea for a Spanish tattoo is spiritual, profound, and full of hope.

It means “may angels show you the way” and may reflect your faith and spiritual outlook on life.

27. Siempre hay esperanza

Even in the most difficult times, there is a ray of hope (esperanza).

Use this idea for a Spanish tattoo to tell the world “there is always hope”, motivate those around you, and remind yourself that good things are coming soon.

Single word Spanish tattoos

If you’re looking for short standalone words, perhaps because you want to get your finger inked and can’t fit many words, you may choose a meaningful Spanish tattoo with only one word.

But which Spanish words have a significant impact?

Here are five examples to help you:

1. Destino

Destino translates to English as “destiny”.

It’s a profound abstract noun that can mean many different things. You may use this Spanish tattoo idea to refer to your destiny or your children’s destinies.

Its ambiguity is enough to draw people into its profundity, which is why this word is perfect all on its own.

2. Amor

Amor means “love” in English.

Again, it’s an abstract noun that you may incorporate into your Spanish tattoo to refer to your love for someone or your mutual love for each other. The power of this word makes a significant impact on people who see it.

After all, it’s one of the cornerstones of what makes us human.

3. Vivir

Vivir is a verb in its infinitive form that means “to live” in English.

This Spanish tattoo idea is a word that makes an impact as it’s an action we are all doing every day.

You may choose the imperative alternative viva, which can emphasise the importance of embracing life.

4. Felicidad

One meaningful Spanish tattoo idea that is also an abstract noun with significant impact is felicidad.

Felicidad means “happiness”.

On the one hand, it’s something that everyone is striving for. On the other hand, it can connote the happiness you have already achieved or the happiness you feel due to significant events in your life.

5. Ten fé

Ten fé is a spiritual imperative Spanish tattoo idea.

This one combines the verb tener (which you may choose to get conjugated in the second person imperative for a less formal tone) and the abstract noun (which means “faith”).

This short, impactful Spanish tattoo idea means “have faith”.

6. Esperanza

This one-word idea for a Spanish tattoo means “hope”.

It’s a reminder that you shouldn’t give up hope in challenging times and that you can look forward to better days.

WARNING: Small details you should pay attention to when getting a Spanish tattoo

If you want to get a Spanish tattoo, it’s important to pay attention to a few small details, such as diacritics, to ensure grammatical correctness and sense prevails.

One missing accent mark can change the meaning of a Spanish tattoo.

For example, if you end up with a tattoo that reads: No llores porque termino. Sonríe porque sucedió instead of No llores porque terminó. Sonríe porque sucedió, the meaning changes to “don’t cry because I finish/I end, smile because it happened.

The diacritic above the ó in terminó makes this word the past tense, third-person version of finish.

It’s also important to remember that some words have different meanings if you place a diacritic or accent mark on them. Consider the difference between (with a diacritic) and si (without a diacritic).

means “yes” in Spanish. Si means “if” in Spanish.

It’s crucial to pay attention to words whose diacritics give them meaning.

Choose a meaningful Spanish tattoo idea that shows what you care about

Getting a tattoo in a different language is a big deal and can be flattering.

A meaningful Spanish tattoo can show the world your values, aspirations, romance or dreams. It can show the world your deepest thoughts and what’s important to you and reflect your faith or beliefs.

Remember to correct the grammar when you ask for your tattoo to convey the exact message you’ve been hoping for. Happy inking!

Do you have any other meaningful Spanish tattoo ideas?

Add your ideas to the comments section!

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