31 Best Free Online Spanish Lessons For All Levels (2024)

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31 Best Free Online Spanish Lessons For All Levels (2024)

Looking for free Spanish lessons?

The best way to get your toes in the water without a risky investment in costly resources is with free Spanish lessons, and thankfully there are plenty which can help you learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language.

Free Spanish lessons are perfect if you’re starting out on your Spanish language learning journey — you can acquire basic skills without having to pay.

To this end, I’ve included a whole selection of free online lessons below.

These free resources won’t cost anything (though some of them also offer paid or premium services too). You can also check out my Spanish resources for better recommendations.

Free audio lessons to boost your Spanish skills

Here are my top free audio resources and lessons to help your Spanish listening skills - one of the most challenging skills to develop for some Spanish learners.

Enhance your learning and listening with these free audio lessons.

The Spanish Experiment

The selection of free lessons provided by the Spanish Experiment include plenty of audios to help you tune your ear to the Spanish language.

From Spanish greetings to ser vs estar you’ll find 14 different free lessons suited to beginners here.

Notes in Spanish

From beginner-level Spanish lessons to advanced sessions, the free audios provided by Notes in Spanish are fun and action-packed.

Listen to free lessons that focus on various different topics to develop your listening skills.

Learn a Language

You can get free audios at Learn a Language to boost your Spanish listening skills.

As well as Spanish survival phrases, there is a whole selection of different topics that will help you learn the basics of the Spanish language.

Spanish Obsessed

The free audio lessons you receive at Spanish Obsessed range from greetings to various essential verbs.

You have the option to select the ‘Pro’ option for structured lessons, but their Spanish from Scratch 1 is a free lesson that will teach you the basics.

Open Culture

Open Culture brings together a range of free audio lessons, sourced from a range of educational websites for beginners.

It’s ideal for listening to native Spanish speakers in a range of different contexts.

Show Time Spanish

If you are an intermediate or advanced-level learner, the free audio lessons you get in Show Time Spanish are great for learning how to speak and listen in real life circumstances.

It’s also good for helping you become more confident with the Spanish language.

Coffee Break Spanish

Made by the same creators of Show Time Spanish, Coffee Break Spanish provides free audio lessons for beginners, intermediate-level students, upper-intermediate students and advanced.

It features some very interesting topics.

Spanish Listening

With more than 400 videos and audios created by native speakers from every Spanish speaking country, you’ll find immersion no problem with Spanish Listening.

All materials are free, and there are beginner, intermediate and advanced audios available.

Habla Español

The Habla Español podcast provides a range of audio lessons that will help you practice your skills in listening to natives and speaking with them too.

Following a question-and-answer format, this is an immersive way to learn Spanish, with free podcasts that cover culture too.

Free Spanish lessons to enhance your understanding of Spanish

Check out the free lessons we’ve included below to get a comprehensive understanding of the Spanish language.

From vocabulary to grammar, these free lessons have all the features you need to enhance your knowledge of the Spanish language fundamentals.


The Loecsen website is a good starting point for students looking to learn independently.

There are various free lessons, translations and themes that will contribute to your language learning and help you to advance.

Study Spanish

If you’re a beginner looking for a free Spanish course to enhance your knowledge, Study Spanish features free lessons to put you on the path to success.

You’ll get a lot of grammar and vocabulary from this in-depth free Spanish course.

Practical Spanish

These free lessons are great for beginners. They prioritise speaking and listening over strictly learning verb conjugations and focusing entirely on grammar.

Practical Spanish also provides helpful tips to ensure your learning experience is the best it can be.

123 Teach Me

There are so many free lessons on the 123 Teach Me website.

The content is ideal for basic-level students who want to give their skills a little boost. You’ll notice a range of topics including the weather and personal pronouns.

Todo Claro

With free Spanish lessons in abundance, this website makes everything clear and easy to understand — or todo claro!

It has free grammar lessons for all levels and a verb conjugator that makes learning Spanish easy.

No Comprendo

Get a huge range of free lessons on the No Comprendo website to learn the basics of Spanish the easy way.

With visual materials that enhance the learning experience, the tests that you can complete to check your progress are ideal for self-evaluation.

Live Lingua

Live Lingua provides you with free lessons from different sources to help you on your way to fluency.

Master the Spanish language with helpful free courses that suit a range of learning styles and get confident when using Spanish in the real world.

BBC Spanish Language Archive

There is a vast selection of resources and free lessons available for in-depth study on the BBC Languages Spanish Archive.

Some resources include Spanish news and radio links, as well as a free grammar-intensive course titled Mi Vida Loca.


With a range of free courses that are ideal for learning at a beginner level, this site is great for building confidence when understanding the Spanish language.

It’s ideal for getting to grips with Spanish vocabulary and numbers as well.


Practiquemos provides learners with free lessons and materials to practice Spanish.

Once you have practiced and learned from the free lesson, there are quizzes you can take to evaluate whether you have fully grasped the lesson.


You’ll find various free lessons on Spanish Dict.

Whether you want to take the plunge and practice the subjunctive, or dip your toe in the water with some beginner lessons, Spanish Dict’s free lessons are ideal for a range of learners.

Read our SpanishDict review.

Let’s Speak Spanish

There is a whole section dedicated to free lessons, podcasts and videos on the Let’s Speak Spanish website.

Start with a set of free lessons in the beginners’ course and get stuck into the Spanish language with a range of resources.


Some free-to-audit lessons are widely available on the Coursera website if you’re studying Spanish.

So, if you want to attend a class informally, without gaining credit, you can study Spanish vocabulary and grammar for free. To receive a qualification, you will need to pay.


The Duolingo app and website is known across the globe for its free lessons.

You won’t need to pay anything at all to unlock top structured lessons that will guide you through the basics of the Spanish language.

Unlimited Spanish

Access free lessons titled the ‘5 Pillars for Learning Spanish’ with Unlimited Spanish — a mini course that features video lessons on ‘How to speak automatically’, ‘How to accumulate vocabulary’ and ‘How to stay motivated’, and much more, when learning Spanish.


With Mondly you have access to free lessons that are being studies all over the world.

The lessons are bite-sized, meaning you can learn Spanish by practicing for just 5 minutes every day and track your progress as you learn.

Read more details about it in this Mondly review.

Free Spanish YouTube lessons to augment your Spanish level

Free Spanish YouTube lessons are ideal for enhancing your knowledge.

There’s no need to pay and you can even practice your pronunciation of the Spanish language based on the pronunciation of native Spanish speakers.

The Spanish Dude

The Spanish Dude’s free lessons, found on his YouTube channel, cover various topics.

These free lessons are fun and interactive, breaking down complex concepts into simpler topics that you will understand with ease.


The SpanishPod101’s free lessons on their YouTube channel will teach you essential topics — from basic expressions to important adjectives.

Study Spanish and practice your Spanish speaking and listening skills with the high-quality free lessons available on SpanishPod101.

See this SpanishPod101 review.

Butterfly Spanish

An extensive range of Spanish lessons are available on the Butterfly Spanish YouTube channel — lessons that you can study for free.

Grammar, punctuation and vocabulary are all waiting for you in these helpful free lessons.


The CultureAlley YouTube channel features a range of free lessons that you can study at your own pace and begin to fully understand various themes.

There are also exercises that are both interactive and memorable to help you understand each theme in more detail.

Maria Español

Learning Spanish with the free lessons created by Maria on the YouTube channel Maria Español is simple.

From Spanish grammar to new vocabulary and expressions, you will be guided through new topics from these free lessons to improve your Spanish skills.

Speak Spanish Faster

Free lessons on the Speak Spanish Faster YouTube channel will help you achieve exactly what the name suggests — you’ll speak Spanish faster with their range of videos!

Get the inside track when it comes to grammar, verbs and verb tenses with Speak Spanish Faster.

Benefits of using free lessons to learn the Spanish language

Using free lessons to learn the Spanish language is beneficial for various reasons.

Not only is payment for the resources not required, but by using free Spanish lessons you have no obligation to remain committed to the course as you haven’t invested a lot of money to learn.

This is a plus as it lets you test the water and discover whether learning Spanish is for you.

Also, keep in mind that free lessons can even augment what you learn in a quality Spanish course as well.

Say, for instance, you were unable to understand a grammatical rule in your paid course — like the conjugation of the Spanish imperfect past tense.

Free lessons are ideal for situations like these, giving you the chance to revisit content you’ve studied already and boost your knowledge in your free time.

Start your Spanish language learning experience with free lessons

With this range of free Spanish lessons there’s no excuse not to ponerse las pilas (get going with your Spanish learning) and build a solid foundation of the Spanish language fundamentals!

Whether you need a little boost in terms of your listening skills, to practice your grammar and vocabulary, or learn Spanish idiomatic phrases and expressions, there’s a free lesson out there for you.

As soon as you begin learning the language confidently, you can move on to paid lessons via a tool like italki.

Got any other free lessons to share that we have missed off the list?

Share them below!

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